Contained irrationality

(This story came as a nightmare kinda)

Story of a girl's entrapment and the dangers she encounters while facing the inevitable end that is her death...


1. Tourist to victim



I don't know why but I truly love London, I love the historical buildings, the people - and of course Oxford street! Can't forget that! I feel so at home here, away from my little village, feeling the freedom in the most iconic city in England!

I stroll through the streets in a daze, while humming along to my favourite band on my iPod, glancing at the world revolving around me. I smile, watching pedestrians rush around like little bees in a hive. I glance down at my phone...4:59pm. The sun is already beginning to set; I look up feeling slightly panicked. I have always had this irrational fear of walking in the dark, I don't know how it developed or even why. But it has remained with me since I was child. 

"Shit..." I cursed under my breath. I spin on my heels and walk quickly the way I came towards the nearest underground terminal to go home. Don't get me wrong I do love London, but I am not stupid, staying out here at night isn't the best place to be. Especially recently, there has been a lot of people disappearing here. I refuse to be the next victim.

I stopped and peered around me. What was the quickest route to a station...? Damn it my navigational skills and sense of direction was always terrible when under pressure. If I remembered correctly, there was an alley way that went directly towards the station...

"Great... An alley way perfect idea Anna!" I muttered. I tiptoed near the corner of the alley and peeked into the corridor of hell. The coast was clear, but that did not help calm my heart beat. It felt as it I was going to fall unto cardiac arrest at any given moment. Thankfully I was wearing my flats, which made very little sound; I searched all around me as I walked slowly through the alley. One of the perks of wearing converse, no sound so I could hear any one else coming up behind me.

"Where you heading lil' lady?" A voice boomed behind me. I jumped and spun to face a tall hooded man. His body loomed over me; he must have been another foot taller than I was. He wore a limited range of colours; navy and black mainly. It was difficult to see his face. 

"I was... uh- well going home" I stammered.

"Well it is just my luck isn't it? I go out for a stroll, into the beautiful night and come across a gorgeous girl" he steps closer to me, in reaction I step back, tripping over my own feet and slam against the wall. Seriously?! Being clumsy right now is not a good time! He chuckled at my idiocy and comes closer posing his body over me, with his hand pressed up against the wall behind me, his hand in close proximity to my head. 

"How adorable, did your knees go weak over little old me?" He winks. His face was close to mine, enough for me to smell his breath; it smelt like fags and tequila- a drunk. Well I was truly in trouble now. His face was... surprisingly handsome. Under the hood, his chestnut brown fringe peeked out flicking outwards. He had silver coloured eyes that were hidden under a blanket of long lashes. Pale skin that may as well had been white like snow, however on his cheek was a long scar that ruined his face. What caused that I wonder

"L-let me go... please, people are expecting me back home" I pleaded, god I sounded so whiny. With that I stood up properly and tried to walk away. But he caught my arm with an iron grip and pushed me back against the wall while pushing up against me. It would look to any person walking by that we were just a couple getting off after clubbing too much... but he was so close, there was no clue as to what he was going to do to me.

"Dressed like that baby? You are going no where" He says seductively while pressing up against me further, enough to feel his.... I whimpered, like a puppy. 
"Come on sweet-cheeks, you are dressed for the night, I mean look at you... you honestly didn't wear that skirt, those fishnet tights and damn that top that shows your tits oh so deliciously.. " licking his lips while staring down at my chest "and not expect to get laid, now did you?". I felt physically sick, god help me what was happening?!

"NO!" I shove against his chest as hard as I could but it was no use he caught my hands and pinned them against the wall, restraining me from further movement.” Nice try little one, I am not done with you..." He lent forward, pressing his face against my neck. Did he smell my neck? And my hair?! I totally take back calling him handsome now, he is a freak!  Anger began to boil up inside of me; the adrenaline was kicking in and over taking my body

"Get your filthy hands off me!" I screamed while pulling my knee up impacting into his groin, and making a break for it as he recoiled. I have never ran so much in my life, not even when in PE, but I guess now I have a reason to instead of just wanting a grade - this time it was for my life! I searched behind me and saw him hot on pursuit of me, I guess my kick wasn’t as hard as I wished it to me. And as luck would have it, my clumsiness kicked in. I tripped over my feet, soaring into the floor before skidding down on the floor. I looked up, dripping wet from the puddles and wet ground and felt a warm trickle from my forehead seep down my cheek.

“Ha, I have you now!” He bellowed, while taking hold of my ankle and flipping my body over facing him. I kicked and screamed as hard and loud as I could, crying for help but no one came. He laughed at my expense, leaning over my body. The last this I say was the glow of the street lamps behind his head, his wicked and his fist colliding into my face… then I saw nothing. 


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