The Things You Never Know You Saw

A young couple, Alan and Crystal Heart, were recently married and went on the honeymoon of their dreams. Their seemingly wonderful vacation turns much worse when they unknowingly witness something they were never meant to see....


3. The Heat of the Moment

I shut the front door slowly behind Delia. When it clicks shut, I am instantly swooped up from behind by Alan. He spins me around in the air while I giggle and squeal. Then we both fall into a laughing heap on the black leather couch. I looked into his eyes and melted.
"Why'd you tell them no?" I asked, one eyebrow raised.
"Because I wanted you all to myself", he replied, with one of his charming smiles. I giggled again; those smiles still get to me.
"You're such a goof! I love you."
"I love you too baby."
There was a brief pause before he leaned in to kiss me. The first kiss was gentle and soft, but they started getting firmer and more passionate. Then we started moving, slowly, towards the bedroom.
We got up from the couch, lips still locked. Then Alan started kissing my neck, I went for his shirt. I got it off as quickly as I could; his bare chest exhilarating to me. He came back up to my lips while his hands were working on the buttons of my shirt. Within just seconds, it was on the floor with his. I moaned a little at the feel of his warm, smooth skin against mine. We reached the hallway and I was instantly against the wall with his body intertwining with mine; each kiss got more and more distance between the breaths. His hands followed the edge of my body, starting at my head and brushing all the way down to my hips. There they undid my buckle, and slowly slipped my pants off, touching my bare legs the whole way. I stood there, up on the wall, in my bright red lacey bra and underwear, and quickly took in the image.
He was easily the handsomest man I had ever laid eyes on. He had a breath-taking smile; it blows me away every time. Hs hair is that perfect dirty blond, the kind that has just enough blond and just enough brown to make melt. His eyes are a deep, dark blue; understanding and admiring. His skin has the wonderful tint to it; a beautiful, natural tan. And last but most definitely not least, his body structure. It fits perfectly with the rest of him. He's smaller around than most men, but hes just as strong. His abdomen muscles are pretty well defined. Every thing about him is utterly amazing.
After he slipped my pants off, he took his belt off and tossed it down the hall. I switched him, and was now kissing his neck. He all but yanked off his pants, and was left in a gray pair of box briefs. I could tell now; he wanted me and I wanted him. I barely had time to open the door and get in the bed before we had sex. I believe that was the most passionate it had ever been. I fell asleep instantly afterwards. I couldn't move; he was so impassioned. I heard myself make noises I thought were to primitive for a person to make, but I still felt it rumble out of my throat. I really enjoyed my first night in our new house.
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