The Things You Never Know You Saw

A young couple, Alan and Crystal Heart, were recently married and went on the honeymoon of their dreams. Their seemingly wonderful vacation turns much worse when they unknowingly witness something they were never meant to see....


2. Moving In

I had my friends help me move into my new house with the most wonderful man in the world, Alan Heart. We had a beautiful wedding about two weeks ago. It was magical! It was everything I had dreamed about; the place, the decorations, the guests, the dress, and last but not least, the kiss that made it all. No longer was I Crystal Lee O'Brien, I was now Mrs. Crystal Lee Heart, and pretty damn proud of it.
I shook myself out of my daze and kept bringing in boxes.
"You can put that one over there James."
James is one of my life long friends' fiancé. I can't wait for their magical moment. Marie and James are perfect for each other.
"Where do you want this one?" says the man next to me.
"Um, how about over there, Chris", I said, pointing to of boxes that say "Crystal's stuff" on them.

As the last of the boxes are unloaded and unpacked, I become more comfortable with my new surroundings. My husband's and my things fit together just right, making the atmosphere more homily. Finally, the last box was emptied and put away for future use.

"Do you want to go out to eat with us? We're too exhausted to cook anything", said Nicole.
Nicole is one of my other life long friends. She is happily in a relationship with a man named Chris Daibater. Chris has talkled about proposing to her, but has no idea how to do it.
"Nah, I think we're fine, but thanks", chimes in Alan.
"Um, yeah. I guess we'll pass. Maybe another day", I said.
"Alright, suit yourselves", shrugged Delia.
Delia is also a life long friend, but she's not as close as Nicole and Marie.
"Ok. Goodnight, and thank you for your help."
"No problem. Goodbye and goodnight."
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