Twilight: A Jacob And Renesmee Love Story

For the Twilight Competition, would mean so much if you liked and favourited it :D
Bella and Edward are happily married and their little Renesmee is all grown up. The only thing Bella and Edward don't know is that their precious daughter is dating Bella's former lover Jacob Black. How will things turn out?


1. Forbidden

Renesmee saw Jacob in the distance. She looked behind her, her silky hair blowing in the breeze. She had to make sure her parents didn't find her. After all, Jacob was supposed to just be her friend. They were never meant to be seeing each other in this way. 

If her parents, Bella and Edward, did find out, she would be a goner. But Jacob did imprint on her making an unbreakable bond between them. No one would ever come between them now, not even Renesmee's parents. 

Renesmee turned her head back around after making sure no one was following her, to find a handsome Jacob standing in front of her.

Renesmee gasped. "God, Jacob you gave me a fright. Never do that again," she said with a laughter of relief.

Jacob pulled her into a tight embrace. His arms were warmer than the weather outside, they always were. She snuggled into his leather jacket so the bitter winds would not hit her in the face. Then, Renesmee began to sob, trying not to make Jacob notice.

He did notice. "Renesmee, what's wrong?" he asked her trying to make her face him.

Renesmee just shook her head. "Oh . . . it does not matter, it isn't important."

Jacob sighed. "When will you realise that I imprinted you. I know when you're upset," he explained tilting her chin up to look at him. "Now, tell me what is wrong."

Renesmee looked him straight in the eye. He looked concerned, maybe a little scared. She didn't want to break his heart. She did love Jacob more than her mother had all those years ago. Her mother had chosen Edward, that was her choice. Why couldn't they just let Renesmee make her own choice?

"My parents are forbidding me to see you, at least . . . this way," she said looking around her then at Jacob. "They don't want us to be dating."

Jacob didn't reply for a while. He just stood, stunned for a moment. "Why?!" Jacob bursted. His anger made Renesmee quite scared. "It's your life to live, not there's!"

Jacob was pacing in front of Renesmee, kicking golden piles of Autumn leaves. Renesmee walked up to him and put her hands on his shoulders. "Calm down, Jacob. We love each other and that's all that matters now." She put her cold hands on his tanned cheeks then kissed him.

He pushed her away with such a force that she stumbled backwards. "Loving each other doesn't mean anything! If Bella had chosen the one she truly loved it would have been me, and we wouldn't be having this conversation right now!" Jacob was yelling at her.

Renesmee's eyes began to fill with tears which made Jacob a blurry silhouette. "If you truly loved my mother then you would still be by her side right now, and you wouldn't be taking all your anger out on me!"

Jacob began to shake his head. "Listen Renesmee, I was stupid to say those things. I do love you but I can't change your parents minds. I wouldn't even attempt it," Jacob said as he returned the kiss he had rejected before. After a long pause he said, " run away with me." 

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