My Life

Jake, a 11 year old boy is left to fend for himself when his Mum disapears after a night out; how will Jake cope by hiself , will he manage without his mother?


1. Mum goes out

         Hi, I'm Jake, my Mum's a single parent and her name is Jane; without my Mum I would not be able to cope...without my Mum I simply could not blink or breathe. My Dad left me and Mum when I was only two, I never really knew my dad, however, if your dad walked out on you before you could put a whole sentance together then practically, who needs their Dad? Not me!

          Today Mum is going to Marias hen party- Maria is Mums best friend they have known each other since ,so my Mum says, secondary school. Maria and her fieonce Dan are getting married next week monday I think. As much as I think of Maria as an auntie I think that she getting married will pull her out of my family- also- as much as I want her happy I do not want her to get married  incase she forgets about me and Mum and stops thinking about us all together.

          I was in my room this morning around 9:37 I decided to have shreddies for breakfast, and decided to  eat in my room, this time I managed to get past my Mum in the kitchen looking through the window at the sky, normally I cant get as far as a meter past her without her noticing- but today I managed to get all the way up to my bedroom now I can only get past my Mum if she is in really deep thoughts. I wonder what she was thinking about, me what she was going to get for Maria or she might have been thinking

          I do not get relationships do you? I mean like who wants to get married and have their life devoted to one another certainally not me because I want to be wild and free don't you? Nobody to boss me around, to tell me to go shopping or have to spend nights out when I could be watching the preimer league with all my mates! My Mum is always telling me that my mind will change when I get older- but no matter how much I tell her that my mind will not change her response is always 'wait and see...' all I can do is sigh and carry on with what I am doing, she often then stares at me for a minuite or two and then dissapears down the coridoor or walks into the kitchen; I can not help but think that theres something about me that inside she's dieing to tell me but she knows that she can't or something terrible will happen... but what?

            "Jake, are you sure that you will be alright here by yourself while I'm with Maria?"

"Yeah Mum, I'll be fine don't you worry about me okay, I'm 11 not 6!"

"Okay... I'm just worried about you, what if something bad happens to you, I would never forgive my self!"

I turned to look at her glaring, as if to say mum: what did I just say? But my Mum can read my looks like she can read books!

"All right all right!"

"Have a great time Mum, tell Maria I said good luck for the future please." She nodded walked over my way bent down game me a kiss and she was on her way, 'I hope she has a good time...'. I thought for a moment -had a flash back even- to when she was staring at me... it seemed like se had a look of concern on her face, she was worried about something I could tell, her face expressions were not right shes never looked at me before in such a way... suddenly I was distruppted from my thoughts by a loud bang, my heart began to race. I sat still for a moment to see if any other noises followed, but none did, so I made my way over to the kitchen where the noise had came from and on the floor I found a toy car. It did not belong to me- it must be Sammys, Marias little boy. Yhey came round yesterday he must have forgotten it- I will give it back to him tomorrow.

        I made my way back toward the sofa, sat down, and for some reason my eye lids felt heavy, 'wow, ' I thought to my self 'am I this tired?' *******  'Arghhh....' I sat up and rubbed my eyes yawned looked out of the window and 'OH MY GOSH! How long have I been sleeping?' Mum had left to go to Marias house at 10:32 am and the time now was ...5:48 am! I had been sleeping around 17 hours! I must have been tired for some reason I had only been up for around two hours! I got up and walked into my Mums romm expecting to see her there and sleeping but the sheets remained un disturbed, just as she had left them this morning. 'Wow, somebodys having a good time!' I chuckled to my self.

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