only one champion ~one direction not famous~

Tessa is an allstar football player (soccer) she is on an all girls team and this week going agaiin louis tomlinsons charity team all boys. but Tessa falls for louis best mate niall and they both have feelings for eachother what will happen to the game?


1. junior high

tessas pov:

I cant wait for my football game on friday! i am so excited! oky well my name is tessa styles. i am a all-star on my all girls football team. my arch rival for football is louis tomlinson. i go against his team on friday. we both go to the same school and all he is allways with 4 boys. one is my brother Harry he is allways on my case! well as i was saying louis is allways with my brother and liam and zayn and this blonde boy niall. The rest of the boys have heard of me but never seen me.

i walk down the halls of the junior high i get high-fives from boys and girls casue lots of people know me here for football (soccer). i get to my locker and gaze across the hall. comes the boys... harry runs up to me.

Hey sis. he says with a smile. wanna see the boys?

id rather not i have to go to class haz. i say while walking down the hall to my last class of the day.

oky but there coming over later and there coming to the football game! harry yells.

i shake my head and walk down the hall.

~1 hour later~

i walk out of the lunch room and outside. the fresh fall breeze feels great. i walk home hoping to get there before haz. i reach home after 15 minutes of walking. i change into soccer gear and grab my soccer ball. i head outside to practice before the big game tomorrow night. As i was practicing harry's car pulls up in the driveway the 5 boys walk out. they exchange glances then look at me. they all ask haz who i am.

they all walk over to me.

guys this is my sister tessa haz says.

haz and friends i am trying to practice for championships tomorrow night. i say.

oh so your my competition? louis says.

ya i am tomlinson im all-star on my team i say.

hm well wanna have a little match? liam says.

sure we all agree.

oky for my team i want harry and niall. you can have zayn and liam. fair? i say.

i guess it is. louis says while nodding.

we all get into places haz on golie and me and niall outside. me and louis meet in the middle and the ball is in between us. haz says ready? set? go! i quickly get the ball and kick it across and pass it to niall.surprisingly he was good. he passes it back to me and i get into louis goalie box.

1 to 0 louis i taunt.

ya ya ya he says while smiling.

                       ~after the match~

haha i won tessa! louis teases.

i gasp. ya only casue u tripped me like 5 times when i was about to get a goal. i say

whatever he says.

i got to go guys i say.

bye they all say except louis.

good bye louis! i chirp.

i walk up the stairs to my room and lay down in my bed and eventually doze off.

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