Me, Liam and the lads

A 19 year old girl is torn apart from her brother and best friend when they both enter X factor. they never see each other until they bump into each other at the park...


5. I'll order a dog pile with a side of "Who are you?"

Liam's  POV

  "SUPRISE!" I heard Jacqie shout. I engulfed my big sister in a huge hug. I hadn't seen her in ages! A couple of minutes later both of us were swallowed by a boy. Nobody else knew Jacqie, so it had to be Louis. 

  She wriggled away, as if she thought there was going to be a dog pile. Lucky her, she was right. So instead of her being at the bottom, I was. Instead of being in the middle, the rest of the boys were. And there she was, sitting on the top, as if we were her throne.She jumped off, noticing me down at the bottom and swiftly kicked Louis' side, causing everyone else to tumble off me. I struggled to get to my feet so she held out her hand. I took it gratefully, hoping nobody would see. You see, Louis and I hadn't told the boys that she was coming, let alone that she was my sister. Me and Jacqie waited on the edge of the sidewalk whilst the lads brushed themselves off.

  "Who is this lovely lady?" Harry asked, bowing his head low. Jacqie looked confused. 'Oh dear, guess she's gonna find out' I thought to myself. From the look on Louis' face, I could tell he was thinking the same.

  "Don't you know?" She replied, once again with that puzzled look on her face. "I'm Liam's big sister! And Louis' old roomie! Oh, and my name's Jacqie. Just call me J though".

  "Why didn't you tell us?" Niall cried, obviously, at me. "More like, me?" And then the hubub started. Great. I guess it's up to J to save me and Lou.........

  "Are we just gonna stand here rowing or are we gonna actually gonna go inside?" I heard a loud voice annouce. Everyone almost immediatly looked at the person responsible. Jacqie. Boy, was I relieved. Zayn nodded and everyone, apart from Jacqie of course, followed.

   We all trooped in with Zayn leading us.

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