When two Movellians receive prophetic dreams about the future of their writing community, they are plunged into a dangerous adventure in the middle of the spookiest, most superstitious day of the year: Halloween.
This brand new story is brought to you by the author of Codename: Fanfics and Child of the Seas.
Be prepared, Movellas...
Awesome new cover! Who likes it? :)


1. A Dark Night

It was a dark night.

When I say this, I do not mean simply a cloudy, moonless night. I mean a night that was so dark that any pinpricks of light seemed to be sucked into a darkness denser than the stuff of nightmares.

It was in this night that a girl slept, oblivious to the odd things happening around her. Clouds gathered over her house and a storm began, but still the girl slept.

CRASH! BOOM! Thunder growled and a huge streak of lightning flashed across the sky, tearing it in half. The girl jolted awake, eyes reflecting the lightning and filled with panic.

"What..." The girl calmed down when she realized it was only the storm. Scrabbling around, she pulled herself upright and felt around for her flashlight. Having found it, she flicked it on and shone it onto her digital clock. 23:58, the numbers read.

The girl left the flashlight on and, turning towards her window, thought about the dream she had been having. "Something about finding Adam," she murmured. "With Lia... and Rawrz... and... LittleMissHollywood? And Larky. Definitely something about Larky."

A sudden sense of foreboding crept up on her. Lightning flashed, and the girl was reminded of a book title which would never exist now. Death is a Flash of Lightning.

Suddenly, the clock began to beep. 0:00 flashed onto the screen and OCT 31 replaced the previously displayed OCT 30.

The girl shivered, although she didn't entirely believe in superstition. "Halloween," she whispered.

Thunder boomed, and Kameka H shivered in fear.

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