ℓittℓe things

Well nothing certain in my story it never ends or does it? so the unexpected could happen and well just 5 special boys can turn a girls life around...


8. wow

rushig around i woke up and i didjnt want to wake miley so i sneekily tippy toed to the bathroom and didj my hair make up and had a shower of course and ready for the van to puck us up x

we arrived at the video shooting and there were the boys danielle ,jasmin and kimberly all rushed over to the boys i sat on a chair texting miley until a very cute blobde boy caught my eye he gave me a cheeky smile and had to go shoot a scene . katy my makeup artist did myself up and got out a pair of shorts two actully as we had 2 scebce and a cute blue and yellow top x2 first scence was the poool and all we had to do was have fun and i did ...best day ever

after that we did the football sceence and i was up against harry and won whooo! so fun ! miley would be jelous finalky last scence and we had a very cute outfit i would of died for x we had to have a party basically it was about 11pm when we finish and had beeen offered to stay in the onsite hotel down the road for free and i took he opptunitie

the boys room was next to mi e and they were so noisy until liam and niall came to apolagise for the noise how thoughtful x my money for the video will be in the bank soo bit tomorow we have more rehearsing in a studio for another video in 2013 so shall be good x
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