Cheater cheater Pumpkin eater

You and Niall were dating and he cheated on you with ????.

Liam is your brother he is protective of you.


1. Coming home

One day Niall was supposed to come home but he didn't a day lateron the news was a picture of Niall and Demi kissing.Your Liam's sister so you paused it and called Liam to see if he could come over and your voice was trembling.5 minutes later there was a knock on the door he saw you were crying.liam pulled you into a bid hug and asked...

Liam-Dani what's the matter?(the name is just Dani)

Dani-let me show you on the TV.


You took him to the living room and Liam saw it and his mouth dropped and then he sat down on the couch and opened his arms to give you a hug.niall came home and heard Liam's voice so he followed the sound of his voice.he stood in the door way looking at the TV.He saw Liam hugging you and heard him say ...

Liam-shhhh it's ok

Liam heard Niall go Hmmmm....Liam got up and said I'll be right back you said ok

Liam- Niall what the heck?
Liam-You hurt Dani's feelings
Niall-Look I was drunk.but I still kissed her:'(
Liam-Ya!You should've pulled away
Niall-I Know
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