All The Little Things

This is my second movella. Im making it at the same time at the first. So don't get confused!


1. Great News

Hi, my name is Olivia Lewis! My parents both passed away almost three years ago. They drowned in a boating accident. Now I live in Bay Bridge, Florida with my Aunt Karen and Uncle Simon. Yes. The Simon Cowell. Woopiededo! NOT.

Olivia's P.O.V:

I got into the limo that was parked outside of my house. I really didn't like taking the limo, I think it gets to much attention. My uncle called me to come down to his office today. It was probably for the bad grades in school, or maybe even the fight I got in with a girl named Kyra. She was the popular one. I ended up breaking her nose. My best friend, Erin, told me that apparently while I was suspended, Kyra got a nose job. I'd like to see that wreck. About a half an hour later, we arrived at the office.

I walked in and the receptionist said "Goodmorning Liv! How has your day been so far?" I smiled. "It has been okay. Thanks for asking Michelle!" I said as I started to walk towards the elevators. I got up to my uncles room and opened the door. I laughed as I saw the five boys. "One Direction." I said as I circled around them and around to my uncle's desk. I sat on the corner of it and continued talking "How are you guys? Here for another pitty session?" I said rudly. "OLIVIA!" My uncle yelled. "What?" I asked inocently as I turned towards him. "Cut it out. You are going to have to get used to them." He said. "Why?" I asked confused. "They are going to be living with us. They have had to many issues with paparazzi finding pictures that should not be shown." He said as he raised an eyebrow towards the guys. I sighed. "Okay Uncle Simon. Now why is it you called me down here?" I asked slowly. "You broke Kyra's nose?" He asked. "She was making fun of me. I wasn't going to do nothing!" "You got suspended and didn't tell me?" He yelled. I rolled my eyes. "Olivia that's it! You are grounded until your grades improve. Do you understand me?" I jumped off the dest and looked at him. "Fine." I mumbeled. "That's not all the bad news." He said laughing. I turned around with a confused look on my face. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Since you and Niall are the trouble makers of the house, you will be staying together in your room. "WHAT?!" I yelled back at him. He raised his eyebrows. None of the boys have said anything this hole time. I looked over at them. They all were laughing. I grabbed my uncle's keys of his desk and grabbed my bag. "Where are you going?" My uncle yelled. "Home." I stormed out. My uncle had a matte black CTS-V with suicide doors. It was the coolest car ever!

When I got home I noticed a truck and a bunch of guys bringing a bunch of boxes in the house. Great, they're already moving in. I walked up to my room and noticed all of Niall's things. I grabbed a roll of duck and turned the radio on loud. I put a line down the middle of my room. Niall walked in right when I finished. "Your side. My side." I said as I pointed to the different sides of the room. He didn't say anything he just walked to his side of the room. I grabbed my phone and called my best friend Erin. I turned it on speaker.

Phone Conversation;

Me: Hey comeover.

Erin: I can't. Grounded.

Me: I'll be over with the rope in 15 minutes.

Erin: Okay. Hurry up she said giggling.

"Niall." I said. He looked over at me. "I need you to drive me somewhere. He didn't say anything, just grabbed his keys and started to head out of the door. While we were leaving, I walked behind a bush a grabbed a rope we stashed there, so it would be easier to sneak out. "Why do you have a rope?" He asked confused. "None of your buisness." I shot back. He laughed. "Why are you laughing?" I asked. "Why do you hate me?" He asked. I didn't answer. I put the adress in the GPS and we left.


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