Rosalie Anna-Beth Wallace, also known as Anna-Beth Roberts, is the biggest bank-robber of her time, with her step-brother, Kyle Roberts. Because of that Roses mother dies in cancer, she has a relationship with Kyle, and they move to US to be bank-robbers.
When they are the most wanted people in the whole world, they do a small mistake, but big enough to get Rosalie in prison for a lifetime.
Lucky for them, they have a friend who's a police, and helps her escape the prison, after little more than a year. She don't know how to contact Kyle, and moves to her extra appartment in London. She finds a 'work' as a stripper, and so she should have something to do, she takes it.
And that's when the famous boyband comes in the picture. You'll see how if you just read.

Please take notice to that I'm from Sweden, and is only 11 y/o. So my english is far away from perfect.


1. Characters.

This first chapter, I will tell you a little about the main characters. No, not about the boys, but the ones made by me.


Rosalie Anna-Beth Wallace

She in born and raised in Scottland, and back then had red curly hair. She has that until she gets out of prison. Rose - as people used to call her - loves boxing and dancing, but is also a gamer, who'm able to hack.


Kyle Roberts

Born in London, blonde hair and spakling blue eyes. A boxer, with means he's really strong. He owns more weapons than ten polices together, and is one of the best you'll know of, to aim right.


Jerry Carter

American, fit guy, about twenty five years old. Brown eyes and black hair, and just so you know, he is a police in the US.


Tom Collins

Rose's ex-boyfriend, most in the past life of hers. The bully that bullied Liam Payne with his friends, also. Hes got dark brown hair and eyes, not green, not brown, but something in the middle of it. Yes, he is very fit, too.


~ These are she persons you better know of, because I'll give you flashback in different POV's, actually back when Liam, Tom and Rosalie was twelve years old, and just moved to Wolverhampton from Scottland.

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