My new live with the boys

Lola have terrible parents and can´t live with them.
So , she runs away and live a new life with her new friends.
But not all are just friends...


2. OMG!

An hour later, i was asleep. I dreamed that One direction was in the plane and we were friends!

Good friends! I woke up when i heard a girl screaming. I saw that girl and other five boys. The boys had a british accent and very cute faces. I opened my eyes completely and...

One direction!

I screamed very loudly: WHAT?! ONE DIRECTION IS IN MY PLANE!? The guys looked at me. Please don't scream. We don't want that everyone see us. Harry wispered in my ear. O.K. i said. Are you alone here? Louis asked worried. Yes...i run away from home. i answered. Do you wanna go with us? Zayn and Liam asked. O.K ! i said happy.

You can come with us if you give me your sandwitch! Niall said. Sure.

We will store in five minutes the pilot said. We can learn us better in those five minutes. Harry said. He sat down next to me. But Louis don't let us talk cause he kept saying ,,so cute''.

And when he had stopped, it was too late. The plane had stored. Together we dragged our suitcases up outdoors. I stumbled on Liams suitcase. Liam and Harry have helped me getting up. I saw Harrys beautiful eyes looking at my eyes. It was a very pretty moment but liam had broken it. Why did you do that? i asked angry. Liam was red and said that he was sorry. Who want's to eat at Nando's?! Niall asked. everyone said yes. On the way i noticed that Liam has always looked at me.

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