My new live with the boys

Lola have terrible parents and can´t live with them.
So , she runs away and live a new life with her new friends.
But not all are just friends...


1. The escape

06:00 AM

I woke up with my parents. They had a discusion. It's the same as always. I pull the blanket over my head but i hear it anyway. It was as if they never learned before that one should not argue.

I tried to go in a different world but nothing works.

10:27 AM

I woke up again but not because my parents. I woke up cause i had a wonderful dream with the boys of one direction. I wish i have really a life with them. I ran downstairs to the kitchen. Nobody was there. I ran to the living room but nobody was there. Not even on the toilet. Where was everyone? I was really scared. My dad dont work and my mom goes to work only in one hour. On the kitchen table was a notepaper and some money. On the notepaper was that my parents were not there for 2 days because they had to get something done. Now it's too much. They were not there to do anything but to argue. I went up and got my stuff packed. I took a plane ticket that i bought a week ago because i tough that there is too much. I put on a jacket and i went out. I knew that they are terrible,but let me here alone just to argue? thats too much for me. I took a taxi and drove to the airport. I could go alone because i was already 18 yeards old.


All done. I was already in the plane flying to england.

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