Live. Love. Forget.

Niall Horan has a pretty intense life. He feels responsible for the death of someone so close to him, and there was nothing he could do. What happens when Niall has to learn to move on with life, and forget about the past? Will he learn how to live? Will he be able to love again? And last but not least, is it even remotely possible to forget? (BoyxBoy in future chapters, there will be swearing/drinking/ect you have been warned.)


1. The Little Girl

Her name was Isabella. She had to be around maybe 6 years old, and I would always walk her home after school. I met her when I helped out at a school thing for the little kids, and I felt an instant connection to her. She needed a big brother to look after her, and I could be that for her. 

"Niall, who do you love?" Her big brown eyes looked up to mine, as I held her hand swinging her up in the air. 

"You of course!" She giggled, and jumped letting go of my hand. 

"That's not what I meant Nialler!" I smiled at her nickname for me, and only she can call me that. 

"I don't love anyone Bell, why? Who do you love?" She smiled, and ran from me to the end of the sidewalk, so I picked up my pace, and ran after her. 

"I'm not telling!" She stuck her tongue out at me, and I smiled down at her. 

"Oh! You can trust me Bell, I won't tell anyone!" She smiled, and twirled her hand in mine, running her small tiny fragile fingers against my big ones. I couldn't wait to have a daughter. Isabella was the perfect practice. 

"Niall, when I'm older, will you still love me?" I thought about her question. As she grew older, our relationship would not stay the same. I wasn't a pedo or anything. I would always be the person she could lean on. I always wanted to be that for her. 

"Belle, I'm not going anywhere." She smiled brightly at me, and I laughed at her giddiness. "You are one silly little child." She jumped up onto my back, and crawled up onto my neck.

"His name is Douglas. He's 6." She wrapped her arms around my neck, whispering her crush into my ear. 

"Well, Douglas is a very lucky 6 year old!" I smiled, and placed Belle on the ground again. "You're home Belle!" She hesitated walking to the door, and turned back around. 

"Niall, can you come in with me?" She looked scared, and broken. My eyes were studying her body language, and she was shaking. Her hand went to her shoulder, rubbing it. It was all red. 

"Belle, hold on." I fell to my knees to inspect the redness, and it traveled around to the back of her neck, turning purple. My eyes began to water, and I took her hand, walking her back to my house. 

"Niall, where are we going?" I stopped once we got to the corner of her street, and looked down at her, exposing my  water filled eyes. 

"Belle, what happened to your neck, and your arm? Be honest to me. Please Belle." She rubbed my eyes with her small little hands. I looked down at her, and she was smiling. 

"Nialler don't cry. Why are you crying Nialler?" My lips curled into a smile on my face, and I grabbed her hands. 

"Babe, you need to answer me." All she did was nod. 

"I was bad Nialler, it's ok, its ok." My heart broke at how she thought this was normal. I couldn't let this happen to her. I picked her up placing her on my back again, walking to my house. My mom would know what to do. 

A few blocks later, we came to my house. I placed Isabella down, and walked her to my door. "Mom! Mom are you here? I'm home!" The smell of food wafted through the air, and automatically reminded me I was hungry.

"In the kitchen!" I followed her voice to the kitchen, watching as Isabelle walked through my house, looking at baby pictures of me that filled the walls. 

"Mom, can I talk to you?" She stopped cutting whatever it was she was cutting, and sat down at the table, motioning for me to join her. I sat down on the chair in front of her, and just sat there. Speechless, 

"Niall, you ok?" I shook my head 'no' and felt as the tears spilled out of my own eyes. "Niall honey, what's the matter? I haven't seen you this upset in a while. Is it a girl?" I nodded my head up and down, it wasn't the type of girl problem she was expecting, but still. It was about a girl that caused me to be so upset. 

"Mom, do you remember that program I did? The big brother one? And how I walk that little girl home all the time?" She nodded, telling me that she, indeed, did remember. My heart was breaking, and I wasn't sure I would be able to spit it out. "Mom, I brought her here. And I don't want her to go home ever again." She stood straight up, and gave me a disapproving look. 

"Niall, do her parents know she's here? This is kidnapping! WHAT-WHA-Niall..listen baby-"

"Shes hurt mom. She has bruises  She said it was from being bad." I burst out into more tears, I was expecting my mom to just yell at me and say it was none of our business, but her hands were wrapping around my neck, and i felt the water from her eyes fall into my hair. 

"Nialler.." My mom threw herself off of me, wiped her face, and all of a sudden her mood changed. 

"Hello there! You must be Isabella! Are you hungry? I'm Niall's mom." Her brown eyes traveled up my moms torso, and she ran over into my lap. 

"Yes please ma'am, and I am Isabella." I smiled at her politeness, and hugged her tight. "Niall, how come you're all over your walls?" My voice hitched with laughter.

"Mom goes a little overboard  I know, What about you? How many pictures are on your wall?" Her face goes from somewhat cheerful, to sad. 

"None." I look up at my mom, and she just nods her head. Ands goes away. 

"Excuse me." She says leaving the kitchen, going to her bedroom. 

"Would you like to see my room Belle?" She leaps up, happier now. 

"Yeah yeah yeah!" She runs to the living room, asking which way, I point to the stairs, and she runs up them having the time of her life. She goes to the room that has a poster of Michael Buble on the door, and my name written on the door. "NI-AL-S R-OOO-MUH" She tries to read what's on the door, and I laugh, motioning her in.

We sat up there for a few minutes, I watched as she rumaged through my trunk of all my old things, she found every toy interesting. She doesn't know I saw, but I know she took my litte army man. I had told her the story behind it, and how when I was younger and got bullied, I'd keep him in my pocket, and he'd protect me, and eventually I made friends. She wanted to feel safe too.

My mom came to my room, watching us for a few moments, before bringing us down stairs to eat, Belle ran right down the stairs, and my mom stopped me.

"Ni, the cops will be here soon, you know what you need to do." I nodded once, and walked downstairs.


We ate the food my mom had made for us, and the cops were just now arriving. Belle was scared again, running behind me, and I had to let them protect her now. This was no longer in my hands.

"Sweetie, we need to see your arms." The officer pulled on her shirt, and she wouldn't let him. Finally, after what felt like hours, she handed her arm over to the man. His eyes moved around her body, and he brought her to the car. I looked at the crying girl, and my heart started breaking.

"Nialler, come with me, please Nialler, don't leave me....dont let them take me!" I gave one look to the man, before he said it was ok. I jumped into the back seat, and we were off to the hospital. The small girl curling up in my arm, fighting sleep. It was only 6 in the afternoon, but I knew she had a rough day, a long day. The only thing going through my mind, was that no one had called the cops with her missing. Why was that? I hugged her tighter to me. This little girl, is my sister.

We arrived at the hospital, and a few hours had gone by, they did test's, x rays, and much more, while i had to stay out in the waiting room. I noticed something was off with the officers who had brought us here, their face's were different, confused possibly. I just ignored it, and waited.


I must have fell asleep, because when I woke up, my phone said 2am. I sat up, and walked to the nurse. I didn't see the officers anywhere. "Excuse me, I'm looking for an Isabelle-" The nurse cut me off.

"Are you Niall?" I nodded my head, and she walked me to an office in the back. The officers were in there talking, and drinking coffee.

"Niall, why don't you go home, there's no reason for you to be here now, her parents are in the room with her." My body reacted to those words, punching the door with my fist.

"You let those people in her room?! They hurt her! And you let them in there!?" The one officer stood up, pinning me to the wall. I didn't care, I was mad.

"Niall, they are her parents. They caled us shortly after you had. They were worried sick all evening about her. And besides.."His face fell, almost to a sadness, a confused look, disguist. "Isabelle said her parents never touched her. Her parents said she had fallen from her tree house-" I threw my head back, and the other officer let me go.

"Bull! You know thats not true! You know it!" He frowned, and burrowed his head in his hands.

"There isn't much more we can do Niall....go home." My heart was pounding, and I was furious. This wasn't over yet. I was not going to let her parents get away with this.

I went home, and slept. The next morning, feeling so sick, I skipped breakfast. I never, ever, pass on food. I wasn't in the mood though. I just needed to get to school. Thats when I saw it.

The first emotion I felt, was happiness. And then the rest...just came in a blur. I saw the cop cars outside of Isabelle's house, so I ran closer. Officer Todd, the one from yesterday, he was still on duty? I walked up to him, tapping his shoulder. His eyes were blood shot, and he had dark circles underneath.

"Hello Niall." He said it so plainful. I raised an eyebrow at him, not even letting my emotions speak. I was just happy. They had finally got her parents. It only took a few hours for them to realize the little girls pain. My eyes flinched over, and I heard more sirens.

"Officer Todd, you never get a doughnut break?" I laughed at my simple, yet totally hillarious joke, but he kept still.

"I have some news kid, some good, but mostly bad." I smiled, I already knew the good news, and I wanted him to spit it out so I could run to Isabelle. She needs me. My little sister, needs me.

"Alright, spit it out." His face hadn't changed once. My mind went back to the night when I saw the emotion in his eyes telling me he couldn't do much more. What was wrong?

"Niall, the good news is, Isabelle's parents, they have both been arrested." I clapped, and put my head in my hands smiling, I was so happy for Belle! And then I saw his face break contact with mine.

I felt the sirens coming closer more then I could hear them. I saw his eyes spill over with emotion. I don't want to hear it. I can't hear it. No...please no...don't say it..

"Niall, the bad news is.."

No. No. NO! I grabed my hair and pulled on it hard.

"Isabelle died early this morning."

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