Pup in Gloves

Pup in Gloves is about an adorable little puppy who is known for his curiosity and he is always mischevious. He comes along a narrow dark hallway with only one way in and one way out...


1. The beggining

Chapter 1: The beggining

There I was sitting on the top of a rocky cliff wondering if my affectionate dad would recognize that I am being chased by the local Rinoon cops. I sit there with the gloves that my pa gave to me, which were passed down through generations from his great, great grandma.

My father is not a canine like me but a human which saved me from a truck that made my life flash by my eyes. It ran over one of my paws so my dad nurtured me back to full health. He helped me, fed me, pampered me, and let me live in his home. He gave me the gloves that his great, great grandma gave his family, he done this to cover and heal the saw from the accident.

He kept me at his house for the first 4 years of my life then I thought it was my duty to tell him that it was time for me to go. I said thank you and I promised that I would visit 4 times a week. I tried to return the gloves but he refused and told me to pass it down to my family. I said thank you again then left to live my own life free in the wild. I would have still lived in Rinoon but in a different part of my amazing home city.

My father brought me into Rinoon when I was just 2 months of age (when he saved my life). I entered there, I lived there and I grew up there, so I nearly have the whole city memorized in my head. As I walked across the newly built, auburn colored bridge, I looked down into the crystal clear water, seeing a small family of ducks swimming around, two adorable heartwarming ducklings with a loving mother leading the way.

I kept strolling across on my four chocolate colored paws. As I looked around I saw the trees rustling in the wind, I saw colorful butterflies soaring in the air and I saw a mother bird feeding her loved ones. Then I saw it a narrow gloomy, pitch black, hallway that I had never seen in Rinoon before, I thought I knew this “whole” city.

I’m scared but I want to see what was in there (father always called me the curious one), so I slowly walked in. As I stepped into the corridor I could hear nothing but the sound of my footsteps, as I looked closer and closer my surrounding became clearer. I could see a few rubbish dumps, cobwebs, and bins. At the end there was a gate as tall as a building, the gate was made of metal wire and on the other side all I could see was a bright light.

I found a little whole in the gate and I had to make the decision of whether to go to the other side and not know what to expect or to stay here and to definitely be safe… I’m going in…

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