Text pictures to use and have fun with

This is more of a picture book. You can use the pictures in this book in text message. They're really cool!! please like it as I spent a week completing it.



OK this is a movella usefull for funny text art pictures to use in your texts. This book uses chapters and mini chapters. The chapters are in capitals and the mini chapters are not. The chapters tell you what the theme is and the mini chapters is a text picture so for example:

HALLOWEEN - the theme

black cat - picture

witch - picture

bat - picture

ANIMALS - theme

Also at the end of the theme when there are no more pictures left, I will right a sum up paragraph or sentence.

I hope you enjoy haing fun wiht these pictures and use them in your texts. Have fun!! Pleasse note that I managed to draw all of these and I am definately not a computer wiz so anyone can do them. Please leave a comment to say which is your favourite one and each month I will leave a comment to say your favourite picture of the month.

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