Victoria - 13 year old, genious, medium brown hair, blue eyes, tall, part of FBI team, dating 13 year old celebrity
Bailey - 35 year old, FBI team leader, blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, dating luke bryan
Natalie - 19 year old, fighter in FBI, blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, dating Louis Tomlinson
Kayla - 19 year old, ninja in FBI, brown with blue streaks hair, blue eyes, short yet still awesome, gravel hook :), dating Niall Horan, has an arm thingy that has the gravel hook shooting out the end of it on her wrist
Vanessa - 19 year old, assasin in FBI, Blonde hair, blue eyes, short yet as awesome as an assasin can be, has a bazooka, dating Harry Styles
Meghan - awesome computer skills, dating DC shoes and their inventor


1. The Beginning

Victoria POV

I walked out of my house and called my mom to tell her where i was going. LA is after all a large place. My mom is all the way on Illinois and she told me it was mandatory for me to tell her where i was going. My whole family didn't agree with this and they were all a couple hundred miles away. I am a 13 year old working for the FBI because im just that awesome. I work with Natalie, Bailey, Vanessa, Kayla, and Meghan. The best part is i live in a huge house with my bodyguards. AND im dating a celebrity that is possibly the best thing that has every happened to me. This is all so surreal. Its amazing, but extremely dangerous. But, it's my dream.

Natalie POV

19 years old and working for the FBI. How awesome is that?! On top of all of that, Im dating Louis Tomlinson! My life is pretty awesome right now. The only bad part is that my family and beloved cousin is all the way in Illinois! I work every day and put my life on the line, but i have a flying banana that shoots acid bubbles out the end! Yes that just happened.

Kayla POV

Im dating Niall Horan and im in the FBI with my awesome friends - Natalie, Victoria, Bailey, Vanessa, Meghan. Im a ninja and i have a hamster ball as my ride to every crime scene. I love my life but i have a lot of worries about my family. The number one is that i cant see them. Im still very happy to work with a bunch of adults and one kid that is pretty awesome :).


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