This Isn't a Dream

I am a very good girl. I do everything just to stay out of trouble but one day, when i met One Direction's Harry Styles. My world kinda turned upside down. Harry and me talked and talked then he ask me out on a date and everything seemed kinda easy. Harry introduced me to the other boys Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn. I became Harry's girlfriend but you all may wonder what its like being his girlfriend.... Everything is sweet with One Direction. Read this story to find out more amazing events.


1. Walking down...

 I was at my house sitting down feeling really bored as usual. My mom saw me. She said " hey sweetheart, whats the matter?." I said sighing " nah..nothing just feeling a bit bored." Mom said " Why don't you go and play some sports with your brothers?." I said " Well.. Aiden won't let me play coz he thinks i'm still not ready. His not my brother his my bother. Dylan is doing homework possibly or hanging out with Katelyn." Mom said " aww that must've been really interesting. Why don't you go to Kylenne's house?." I said " she's grounded." Mom asked " why?." I said " well.. her mom caught her kissing Ben and yeah.." Mom said " oh i see. Why don't you just take a walk then? Its a very nice day today." I said " you know what thats actually a great idea. I'll go take a walk." Mom said as I grabbed my iPod touch and hurried down to the door " Ok have fun honey!." I was taking a walk. I wasn't really looking around I was just looking pictures in my iPod. Suddenly, this boy with curly hair came running and bumped into me. I said "Ouch!". He said in disappointment " I'm so sorry." He looked up at me. I was in shock. I looked at my iPod and turned to him and then my iPod with a picture then turned back to him then my iPod then to him. He said " um...are you ok?." I said " u-u-u-mm sure.." He smiled. He said " I'm Harry by the way. You must've seen me in the band One Direction." I said " oh my gosh! I love One Direction and I know i was just about to ask you if you were Harry Styles but you said it first so.." Harry said " look i am super sorry about bumping to you." I said smiling " dont worry its fine." Harry stared at me. I stared into his eyes. I said " are we just staring at each other?." Harry said " i guess we are. Can I have your number and your twitter username?." I said smiling cutely " Sure. I would love to give it to you." I gave Harry my phone number and my twitter username. He said " thank you." Harry said " look I have to go now. I'll see ya later." I said " see ya later Harry. Nice to meet you." I started to walk ahead when Harry grabbed my shoulder and said " I Love You." I said smiling " Thanks." Harry smiled cutely to me. Then we both walked to the location we want. 

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