It all started with Twitter

Kendra has been through alot but luckily she still has her favorite tv show The X Factor. When the new season starts in Ireland she sees a very cute Irish boy named Niall Horan. When he starts to sing its like an angel. After his performance she tweets him and he then replies and DM's her. Read more to find out what that leads to :)


1. The X Factor

*Kendra's POV*

        I have been through so much the past few months. Just to recap: My dad finally divorced my sucicidal pillhead mother after sixteen unhappy years, my crazy ex boyfriend, Caleb went to prision for stalking my family and kidnapping me, and then just recently there was a rumor about me being a lesbian with my best friend, Juliet. Thankfully my bestfriend has been with me through all of it. *Knock* I raced to the door knowing it was Juliet since she only ever knocked once. I opened the door to a very excited Juliet. She pushed me aside and tackled the couch and scrambled for the remote. Oh yeah i forgot tonight the new X Factor is on! I quickly closed the door and flopped down next to her. She flipped to the X Factor and we squealed with joy. It was day of auditions in Dublin. There were some really good contestants and some really bad contestants. Then a cute blond walked out on stage. He was so adorable and he had the most stunning smile. His name is Niall Horan and he is sixteen. I noticed he wasw very cocky but very sweet at the same time. He started to sing "So Sick" and his voice was so angelic. I heard Juliet singing along and i started to laugh a little bit. She glared at me for a second then went back to staring at the tv. Simon stopped him and they started to discuss his performance. Simon and Gary said yes and Juliet and I shrieked with joy. Then Cheryl said no and Juliet and I both shouted "BITCH" at the tv. It was all up to Katy Perry. Juliet and I hadn't even known who Niall was for more than five minutes but yet we were acting like we were bestfriends with him. Katy finally said yes. Juliet and I leaped from the couch and started hugging and yelling. I went on twitter and searched Niall Horan and after a few minutes of searching i finally found the adorable blond. I followed him and then tweeted him. "@NiallOfficial hey just watched your X Factor performance. You were PhenomiNiall! ;)<3" Ten minutes later he replied with "@Kendralovesu09 thanks love it means alot :)" I flipped out and showed Juliet. She shouted with happiness and jealousy and then she quickly whipped out her phone and tweeted him. Then I noticed he followed me.

*Juliet's POV*

          Niall Horan is so adorable and his voice is so pure and I have only known who he was for about ten minutes but i am determined to make him mine. Then while I was drooling over him Kendra showed me her phone. She had tweeted Niall and he tweeted back! I quickly pulled out my phone and tweeted him. @NiallOfficial Loved your X Factor performance Congrats on getting through! <3" Five minutes later he replied. "@JokingJuliet Thanks babe :) <3" Thanks babe? That's it?! Then I noticed he followed me so it was ok. I showed Kendra and she started smiling like an idiot. Niall's POV I was absolutely ecsatic after i was put through. I went home and my mom had set out a huge congrats feast. I quickly dug into the food when my phone vibrated. I had received a text from my brother. "From: Greg hey bro congrats your performance was solid. Sorry i couldn't be there :/" "To:Greg Thanks bro and its ok you can just make it up with some Nando's ;)" After I replied I had a twitter notification. It was a tweet from a pretty girl named Kendra. She said: "@NiallOfficial hey just watched your X Factor performance you were PhenomiNiall ;) <3" I smiled at the cute use of my name and I replied with: "@Kendralovesu09 Thanks love it means alot :)" I decided to check her profile out when my mom snapped at me for using my phone at the table. I put my phone away and filled my stomach in a matter of minutes. I helped with the dishes then said my goodnights. I headed up to my room and flopped on the bed. I took out my phone and got back on twitter. A girl named Juliet tweeted me: "@NiallOfficial loved you X Factor performance Congrats on getting through!<3" My mind was still on Kendra so i quickly replied with: "@JokingJuliet Thanks babe :) <3" I felt bad for giving her such a short reply so I followed her. I then went back to Kendra's profile and read her bio and looked at a few of her pictures. (Stalker i know) She was pretty cute. She had short brown hair with purple underneath. She had an adorable smile and the prettiest blue eyes. I followed her and then decided to DM her. "To:@Kendralovesu09 Hey thanks for the tweet. It was really sweet. (Nice way of using my name :) )" A few minutes later she replied with: "From:@Kendralovesu09 Aw thanks :) I thought of it myself ;D" I really wanted to get to know her so i thought i would give her my number. "To:@Kendralovesu09 Well i guess you are pretty clever huh? ;D here why don't ya text me :) 210-6907 :)" Almost instantly I had received a text. "From 436-9670 Hey it's Kendra :)" I saved her in my contacts and replied with: "To: Kendra :) Hey cutie :)"

*Kendra's POV*

             Juliet passed out after X Factor and I was scrolling through Instagram when I got a twitter notification. It was a DM....from Niall?! I tried not to yell with excitement but it was hard. He said: "From:@NiallOfficial Hey thanks for the tweet. It was really sweet. (Nice way of using my name :) )" I was bouncing up and down with excitement and i don't even know why. I replied with: "To:@NiallOfficial Aw thanks :) I thought of it myself ;D" Within seconds he replied with: From:@NiallOfficial Well i guess you are pretty clever huh? ;D here why don't ya text me :) 210-6907 :)" I couldn't hold it in. I ran outside and screamed with happiness. I quickly texted him. "To: Niall :) Hey it's Kendra :)" He replied "From: Niall :) Hey cutie :)" Awww he called me cute! We kept texting until i fell asleep around 2 a.m. I found out he lives in Mullingar which was a little over three and a half hours away, he loves Nando's, and he has a huge passion for music. He was probably the sweetest boy ever. I woke up the next morning to the cutest text from Niall. "From:Niall :) Hey i guess you fell asleep...hope you had sweet dreams :)" Awww i texted him back: "To:Niall :) Good morning blondie ;)"

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