Two love stories.

Two girls fall in love with the guys of there dreams. Twist and turns will they stay together or will the boys fame,life style, friends end the beautiful relationships


3. Good Times

Abbey's P.O.V

After the boys left Ciarra and I went through the door, Maryland following close behind us. I was hungry I started to make my way to the kitchen. I soon heard Maryland yell at us, telling us to get our arse's back over to her. I mumbled a quick"I'll call in the morning. Now will you let me eat in peace?", Ciarra yelled pretty much the same thing. I searched the kitchen for good food. After a ten minute search I found the hot pockets. I shoved it into the microwave for the recomended amount of time. Once it was done cooking I wrapped it in ice to cool it down. While I was waiting I thought of how amazing the night was. Hell who knew I would have a boyfriend at the end of the night. When I was done witht he hot pocket I went into my bathroom which was connected to my bedroom and brushed my teeth, and put my hair up in a messy pony tail leaving my bangs down. I stripped off the uncomfortable and put on my volleyball spandex, and track shirt that was really a sports bra. I went over to my Ipod dock and put One Direction on shuffle. I knew it sounded weird but I couldn't sleep without music, and my perferred music was One Direction. I went over to my bed and slipped under the covers. Sleep was my second love, my first was food. I fell into a peacfull sleep.

5 am.

I felt my bed dip in weight as something got on top and started jumping. You have to be fucking kidding me right now. This was not happening. I blindly reached behind me and grabbed what had to be most likley Ciarra's leg. That made whoever dare interupt my sleep fall off the bed. That made me happy. "Love, what was that for? That hurt!" The voice protested. Well that certantly was NOT Ciarra. I jumped out of bed and ran to my closset throwing the door open and grabbing the softball bat Ciarra lent me. I then grabbed a bottle of purfume. I slowly turned on my bedroom light thinking I would see a mass murderer. My murderer turned out to be Niall Horan. "God damnit! Niall that was not fucking funny at fucking all! Did you want to get  clobbered to death?!" I yelled at him.

"N- no, I just came to say hi."

"You bothered my sleep so you could say HI!! FUCKING HI?" My voice rose with each word. I knew I was probably being bitchy but I was sleepy."Well hi." I then turned on my heel droping my bat and purfume and went to my bed. The light was turned off and the bed dipped again as Niall layed down beside me."I am sorry Abbey, I didn't know you cared about your sleep so much. Good night." He did sound sad so I mumbled back goodnight and slowly drifted back into sleep.

(A/N this is going to be Ciarra,Abbey,Niall and Harry's P.O.V for a while thanks)

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up to someone brushing my hair, I opened my eyes to see Ciarra. "Morning beautiful." I smiled wait wasn't I supposed to play the person brushing her hair saying morning beautiful? "Love what time is it?" I asked her, she looked so damn hot right now. "9:30, I couldn't sleep." She said throwing the brush across the room. She crawled over me so that she was infront of me. "So." She whispered getting close to me. "So..." I leaned closer and our lips collided, the kiss soon became heated. We both sat up and I pushed her against the headboard, I licked her bottom lips asking to come in she let me in without hesitation. Our tongues were fighting for domance, I won. Right as I did she pushed me onto the bed. She finally broke apart the kiss, she layed next to me and started drawing shapes on my chest. "You really thought we were going to do it huh?" She asked me after a few moments of silence. "Yeah! Your such a tease, I like it." She laughed and got up. "Love were are you going?" She grabbed a towel out of her closet and walked to the bathroom. "Taking a shower I would invite you except we have only date for let me see 8 hours." She winked at me and walked into the bathroom, I heard the shower turn on. I got bored so I reached over the side of her bed and felt a lap top. I got on a checked my email a couple other stuff. "Harry babe can you grab me some clothes please." I heard Ciarra yell from the bathroom, I went through her dresser and picked out some spandex, sweats, a blue tank top, sports bra, with a sweatshirt and some underwear and sox. " Will this be alright love?" I asked holding it to the door she peeked her head through and gabbed the clothes. She came out wearing the clothes and her hair in a pony tail. "Want some clothes babe?" She asked already walking to her dresser. She threw me some sweats, white shirt, and a jack wills hoodie. "Are these your brothers?" I asked changing infront of her, she was staring at me. "Like what you see?" I asked her with a smirk pasted on her face. "Sure do Styles, you like what you see?" She lifted up her shirt showing me a tan and flat stomach, now I was staring. "That's what I thought."  She said walking out of the room, I quickly caught up gave her a kiss and grabbed her hand and we walked down stairs.

Niall's P.O.V

I woke up in Abbey's bed and light was streaming in through the window above her bed. It felt wonderful, besides one thing Abbey was not in here.I got up and made my way to the kitchen which she was not in. I searched the rest of the house and found her outside swimming in the pool."CANNON BALL!!!" I screamed and jumped in right next to her where she was. Once I rised she hugged me and teased me by kissing the corner of my mouth."Heello. How was your sleep mister Niall James Horan?" She asked happily. "Not so fast. You just teased me with a kiss! But my sleep was great." I then finished what she had started. I swam to the edge of the pool and got out dragging her behind me. I lead us to a beach chair/recliner that sat five feet away from us. I was soon laying on it and she was straddling me. Abbey bent down and kissed my lips. Our lips moved in sync for to long. I nibbled on her bottom lip but she denied me, she also pulled away from the kiss and got up went into her room and called over her shoulder she was taking a shower. Who knew she was a tease? I got up and followed her in. I took in my surroundings. Her bed was now made so the Purple, Green and Blue duve was showing. On the wall farthest from me had pictures of what had to be friends and family,a desk and laptop, and above it a shelf of books.The wall next to it had a closet  that was walk in and had blue curtin for a door. Next to that was the door to what had to be the bathroom. I turned around once more to the doors that went to the pool. Also I found bean bags, those balls you hang from the cealing and sit in and a couch. In front of that was a huge plasma t.v that hung from the wall.(This was all on a different wall). Her room was fricking awesome. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. "Come on wet boy. Lets get you some different clothes. She was about to walk away but I snaked my arm around her waist and let her lead me to her closet. She went in and came back out with a pair of basket ball shorts for me to wear. "Love, where did you get these clothes?" Not many girls I knew just had boy's basketball shorts laying around."Oh they are my cousin Bryce's. I always steal shirts and shorts fom him and Jayden,my other cousin. They only visit about once a year but whatever." I nodded my head. I took off my shorts and put on the shorts she gave me. And yes I changed in front of Abbey."How old are your cousins?"I asked."Jayden is nineteen like me and Bryce is fifteen, Kailyn is nine." She answered me. I was about to ask her another question about them but she cut me off."Are you gonna keep talking or can I go eat?"She snapped at me. I was alittle bit taken aback but I guess she liked food so I just left it at that."You can go eat." I told her. She gave me a hug and ran out of the room, I followed. When I made my way into the kitchen she was finishing off a bowl of cereal. She looked at me.A smirk was playing it's way to her lips. "Wanna mess with Ciarra?" I didn't know she was one to prank."Sure...what are we gonna do?" I was kind of nevous about what she wanted to do."You will see. It will be fun." Speak of Ciarra."What will be fun?" She came in yawning  Harry behind her." What the hell? Ciarra Maryland is going to kill us." She looked at Harry and me "You guys need to leave right now! I don't want you guys getting in trouble." With that she ushered us out of the house. Before we left we exchanged numbers. I was already happy this morning.

Maryland's P.O.V

I was so embaressed by what Abbey and Ciarra had done at dinner last night. I mean who has a fight in a reasturaunt over a peice of bread. At the moment I was having lunch at the cafe close to my apartment, I had got home about an hour ago. Last night I just spent at Ciarra and Abbey's. I was having a grilled cheese sandwich that tasted like heaven. I don't really got worked up over food, that was Abbey's job. But this was good. I was surprised last that Abbey didn't order more but I figured she just didn't want to freak out Niall. I think Niall and Abbey were dating along with Ciarra and Harry. Liam and I decided to takes things slow. But for now I was just happy he liked me. I had talked to my sister two times since I left but not with my parents at all, and that was just fine with me. I heard a knock on my door so I made my way over and opened it. "Yes?" I asked. "Oh, good your home. Hahaha mom kicked me out. Dad backed her up. So i'm here to see if I can live here with you?" My sister Sienna was on my door step. She was my sister so of course I would say yes. "Sure, come in. How did you know where I went and where I lived?" I asked her. She just waved me off and turned to me."Where is the guest room?" She was looking around the house.

Liam's P.O.V

I woke up and heard it was weirdly silent, I layed there for a while then started to get worried. I went do to the kitchen to see Louis silently eating cereal, I curiously walked over to him. He was sitting there with his headphones in his ears, I tapped his shoulder. "Why is it so quiet?" I asked he looked grumpy so he put his headphones back in and stomped to his bedroom. I shook my head in confusion and put his bowl in the sink. I went into Zayn's room to see him asleep, ok so Zayn's here. I walked to Niall's room to see him not there, oh no why isn't Niall here. I ran to Harry's room he was gone too. I ran back to my room and called Niall's phone, after a few rings he answered. 

L: 'Niall were are you? I'm so worried.

N: 'Sorry Liam we were just at

H: ' I took Niall to get something to eat because he said he would wake everyone up and you know how crabby some people get when they are woken up.

L: 'Fine just get home now! We alot of stuff to do today!

N : ' We are coming be there in ten

That is strange Niall wouldn't do that, those boys are up to something. I'm going to find out what it is, and I will do it soon.

Abbey's P.O.V

Later that day I got a text from Niall asking if I wanted to go on a date tomarrow night. Of course I said yes, I mean who wouldn't. Right now I was at my work. Then later I would have my theater practice. I worked at what was called the Bagel Co. I loved working here because I got free chocolate chip bagels, and orange and vinilla steamers. My co-workers were also really fun people. Right now I was on shift with Mark,Cher,Sammy,and Landon. I had theater with Cher and Mark."Abbey, can you please make a cinnomon sugar bagel. It needs to be heated." Landon instructed me."Sure whatever." I went to where the bagels were on display and opened the slot and used the tongs to grab a cinnomon sugar bagel. I put it into the heater and waited and checked the clock on the wall above me. I would be able to leave after this was done cooking. I was pulled out of my thoughts when the bagel popped up from the toaster."Here is your bagel. I'll see you on monday." I told Landon after I handed him the bagel. I went to the back and took off my apron, hung it on it's hook and grabbed my bags. Soon I was in my car that my parents bought me before I moved here. It was a silver Aston Martin Vanquish, and I loved it. I drove to the theater that was about a ten minute drive away. We were working on the production of Grease, I played the role of Frenchie.

At Home After Play Practice

Ciarra was my room mate and my parents also bought us this house. It was far from what we wanted but whatever. It had three tv's, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, pool,living room,dinning room (which we hardly used),yard,and basement. Like I said Ciarra and I didn't need all this but my parents insisted. When I opened the front door I called out to Ciarra saying"Honey, I'm home!". I knew it was cheesy but thats what we did, we were sisters. Not by blood but we looked at each other that way."I'm taking a nap so shut it!"Ciarra replied, I went into the kitchen and grabbed a pop tart thrn went to my room. I was sleepy, practice had been long and hard. The pop tart was demolished in a matter of seconds so when I was done I went and tookk a hot shower. When I came out I went into my closet for pj's. I wore a pair of my cousins bobcats(a college basketball team and well any sport thats close to my home.) basketball shorts, and a blue sports bra. I put my hair up into a loose messy bun. I texted Niall goodnight and see you in the morning. But when my head hit the pillow I was out and I wasn't even under the covers.

Ciarra's P.O.V

When Abbey pushed Harry out the door I felt my stomach drop, there went MY Harry. Oh well I said to myself, looked at my phone and saw that it was 10:30. I groaned and went upstairs to change into my uniform for school. Yeah I know it was summer but I had to go to the London Arts for singers summer camp. That's the whole reason I'm even in London, and when I told Abbey and Maryland Abbey started jumping up and down and demanded she came. Maryland just recently showed up and got a place here. I had been going to the school for a while but I still dreaded gettting up and going. Once I was in school uniform I screamed to Abbey I loved her and that I would see her later and drove to school. As soon as I got to school I saw my newest friends, who were semi-famous. People from 7-25 age wise went here, so there was ALWAYS drama. "Hey beautiful." I heard someone say behind me, I quickly turned around to see Austin Butler. Yeah yeah he got a part on switched at birth whatever though. "What Austin!" I exclaimed walking to my locker, him quickly following me. "So when are we becoming the thing that everyone is saying?" I sighed ever since I went to this school Austin was always on my case asking me if we could go out. "Austin I love you, but as a friend." I tapped his shoulder, and shoved him out of my direction. I walked into the my singing class, as soon as I walked in I was shocked to see One Direction standing there. Before I could ask the bell rang and I took a seat. "Alright class these are some VERY famous singers so please listen to what they have to say." My teacher said nodding towards the boys and sitting at his desk getting on his lap top. "Well lets see um, lets see what you have first." Zayn said picking up a clip board from a chair. Liam quickly took it out of his hands and began to speak. "So these are in random order so I just want you to come up infront, we will sit with the rest of the class and you will sing we will give you some advise and we will move on to the next person." Everybody nodded. Person after person, some people were good and got in for talent and others had rich familys so that's how they got in. I was so concentrated on my thoughts I hadn't noticed I was called my friend Ariel winter shoved my up to the front of the class. " Hi I'm Ciarra and I will be singing The hall of fame by Script." The look on Harry's face when I was up there was so funny. I sang and forgot where I was and when it was over the room was dead silent, everyone was staring at me even the teacher looked up to see what was going on. I was scared that I did something wrong liked screached or sounded terrible. Then I remembered I had never sung for my class. After a few moments the bell rung and I quickly grabbed my stuff and grabbed my bag for lunch. "Sup hottie." I heard Austin from behind me. "Hey want to go to lunch with me?" I quickly asked when I saw Harry. I shook my head and grabbed Austins arm and pulled him to my car. "Where too?" I asked already driving to Mcdonalds. "Well I guess McDonalds." Austin said as we pulled up to the order station. We order, got our food, and I drove back to the school. "Thanks for coming with me." Said looking at Austin. He smiled and got out of the car. I opened the door and saw One Direction coming out of the car across from me. "Come on lazy we are going to be late." Austin yelled at me and we walked back into the school, and back into class with Harry. An hour passed and it was finally time to go. This was the last day of school, YEAH. I cleaned out my locker and felt some arms wrap around my waist. "Who is this?" I asked and I was turned to face Harry. "Hello love." Harry said planting a kiss on my lips before I could say something. "Well hello then." I said finishing my locker. "Come on babe lets go back to your apartment." I gladly nodded and as we were walking out the door I saw Austin. "Hold on a sec, babe will you take my stuff and start the car?" I asked Harry who didn't refuse. I walked over to Austin. "Hey give me your number." I demanded he smiled and quickly gave it to me and we hugged and I walked to my car to see Harry waiting. "Now we shall leave." Harry nodded and drove me home.

Abbey's P.O.V

When I woke up I groaned into my pillow because I was not ready to get up yet. Today was a saturday and I had a date with Niall at an amusement park called Locomotive Amusment, I guess it wasn't very big but whatever I had never heard of it so we'll see. I rolled over to look at the clock to see I had slept in majorly. The date was at 1:00 in the afternoon and it was now 11:37. I jumped out of bed and went down stairs to see Harry and Ciarra backed up against the counter right where the food was. Damnit, I didn't want their PDA right where my food was. I coughed awkwardly into my hand. They jumped apart both looking bright red. "Keep your god damn PDA away from the food please. It's now probably affected." I told them, only to make them go even more red."Good morning Love, sleep well?" Harry asked me trying to recover from his embaressment. "It was good, imma go shower now so bye. And keep all PDA away from the food please? Can't you just go into the livingroom?" And with that I turned on my heel and made my way down the hall and back into my room. I grabbed my Ipod and Ipod dock so I could play my music and a bra and underwear. I made my way into my bathroom and plugged in my Ipod dock and blasted the music. The first song to come on was Numb by Usher. I turned the water on hot and stripped off my clothes and stepped under the spray. At first it was hot but I got used to it. I lathered my hair in shampoo and conditioner before I got out. When I was out the cold hit me through my towel. I brushed out my hair and put moose into it and let it air dry into it's nautural wave.  I put on my underwear and bra that were green lace and went out into my closet put on a blue,green,and purple mustache pullover shirt,dark denim mini shorts, and black Toms. I went back to my bathroom and applied mascara and chapstick. When I was finished getting ready I turned off my music. It was now 12:50 and I hadn't eatin so I popped a pop tart into the toaster and waited for Niall to show up. Soon enough my pop tart was done and Niall showed up. As I walked out the door I shoved the pop tart in my mouth and ran down my porch steps."Hey babe."Niall said."Jfhhf flanskin crogv"I responded."Ok, love I can't understand you!" He exclaimed laughing. I crossed my arms over my chest and swallowed the last of the food in my mouth."I said i'm eating hun. Or I was eatin." I told him. "Ok, what were you eating?"He asked opening my door for me. I got in the car and told him I was eating a pop tart. He walked around the car and I watched his fugure. He truley was a hot guy. I snapped back to attention when he opened the car door. "So, when were you going to tell me you had a 'thing' for Cindy Munk." I teased him, he turned pale and turned to me."Where d-di-did yo-you hear that?" He stittered out to me. Wait why was he taking this so seriously, was it really true?"Oh you know, it's everywhere. Everyone knows." I told him bluntly. If it was possible he turned even paler."It's no-" I cut him off."I was joking! Hahahaha you were so serious." I chuckled, when his face turned it's nautural color with relief I was full on laughing."That was not funny, I thought you were gonna dump me!" His face was of pure mock anger. It only made me laugh more, today was already good.

Ciarra's P.O.V

After Harry and I were caught, we went into the living room and turned on the T.V. it was already on the news. I groaned and changed the channel to tom and jerry. "Yay! I love this show!" I screamed hopping onto Harry's lap. "Me too." Harry said laughing at my little fit I was having because of it. As we finished one episode Harry was playing with my hair while I was intently watching tom and jerry. "Love what do you want to do today?" Harry asked me. "I don't care whatever you want to." I said facing him. "Lets just go for a drive how does that sound?" I smiled and nodded my head. "Come on I need to get changed you can borrow some clothes if you want." I ran up to my room and got some basketball shorts, a mickey mouse tanktop, and put my hair in a bow. I went down stairs and Harry was staring at me and felt really uncomfortable. "What?" I asked covering up myself as quickly as I could. "Ciarra don't your beautiful I was just staring at you because you look amazing." I looked down at myself then gave him and crazy look. "Whatever you say Harry." I winked at him and grabbed my car keys and slipped on my slippers and Harry and I walked out of the house. "Wait Harry lets invite Maryland and Liam." I said and grabbed my phone out of my pocket. "Ciarra remember they went on vacation and turned off their phones so no one would bother them." Harry said wiggling his eyebrows and looking at me. "Oh my Harry no! Don't say that I just got the picture in my head, omg eeewww." I yelled squirming in the drivers seat. "Oh my Ciarra, that's why I love you." Harry said and grabbed my hand. "I love you Ciarra." I pulled over, this was the first time Harry said he loved me. "I love you too Harry." I kissed him and pulled back on the road.

Abbey's P.O.V

We had been driving for only about ten minutes, we had so much fun at the amusment park. We had gone on all kinds of rides. Of course he insisted on going on a roller coaster. I was pretty daring but roller coasters scared the shit out of me, Niall played hero and held my hand and let me scream into his shoulder."Abbey, do you really want to know what I like about you?"Niall turned to ask me."Uh...sure?" I kinda just wanted us to keep driving so we could get mine and Ciarra's house, I was hungry."I love the way you laugh,your eyes,your hair,your personality,your smile,your stubborness,your not afraid to be youself around me,you cuss, you love food. I think your a female me!"He told me, we were at my house by now."Niall I rea-"I was cut off by my stomach growling.I looked at him closer and started laughing, he laughed along with me."Way to ruin the moment Love!"Niall told me still laughing. I glared at him and got out of the car. I started to walk up the sidewalk but a pair of arms wrapped around my waist spinning me in a circle. I threw my head back and laughed some more. His laugh joined mine, he flipped my legs up and carried me intot he house bridal style. When we went through the living room Harry and Ciarra were sitting on the couch. I waved at them, not that they saw. They were raping each others face, they must not have heard us come in. Niall carried me all the way to my room. He ran into my room and threw me on my bed."That's it Horan!" I teased. I jumped of my bed and tackled him onto a grean bean bag.We both laughed and he had his arms wrapped around my waist. He looked at me for a second before taking my face in his hands and pulling it downs so our lips were only a breath apart."I think I love you." He told me before smashing our lips together. I was to shocked  to responde right away, he loved me. Well I knew that the moment we met I loved him. Our lips danced with each other for a few moments before his tongue trailed my bottem lip asking for entrance which I granted him with. He sucked on my tongue and searched out my whole mouth. I did the same to him, only to make him moan. My hands sliped underneath his shirt and I felt up his defined abs. His hands reached around to my bum and this time it was my turn to moan when he massaged it. His lips slipped down my neck and he nipped and sucked where my pulse would be. I played with the hem of his shirt before I undid the buttons and slipped the shirt off his shoulders. He returned my actions by working his hands up to my shirt and slipping his hands underneath. His lips worked up my jaw to where my ear was, he nipped at the lobe and kissed back down to my neck giving me a hicky. He pulled away only for a split second to remove my shirt. I took this time to respond to his earlier say,"I love you too." I told him, he looked at me with such an intense gaze before returning to my lips for a second round of kissing. His hands fumbled with my bra clasp while mine fumbled with his pants zipper. Before we could get anywhere though Ciarra came and interupted us."Oh My God." We both jumped apart and looked at the door to see her figure disapper around the corner. I turned back to Niall and sighed."Next time." Was all I told him before grabbing my shirt and tossing him his, I made my way to my closset and changed out of my dressyer cloths into Basketball shorts and a sports bra. I grabbed Niall a pair too because I assumed he was staying the night. When I went back out he was sitting in the same bean bag that we almost had sex on. I tossed the shorts at his head before I went over to my fridge that I had in my room and grabbed a Gatorade, "So you wanna watch a movie?" I asked him while I sat down on his lap and put my hair into a messy bun."Sure, which one?" He responded. I thought a moment before deciding on Grown Ups."How bout Grown Ups." "Sure, do you want me to grab it?"..."Na it's already in the thing." I told him. He grabbed the remote and turned on my tv and what not. When the movie started  I curled up into a ball at his side, before I drifted asleep  I heard him say I love you for the second time today."I love you too." I mumbled back before drifting into a deep sleep. 

Ciarra's P.O.V

When I walked in on Niall and Abbey, I was in absoute shock so I disappeared around the corner, and ran to Harry. "What's wrong love?" Harry asked as I ran into his arms panting. "I-I just s-s-s-saw s-sex in t-the p-p-process." I finally managed to get out in between breathes. Harry giggled, and kissed my cheek. Harry started leaving a trail of kisses up to my ear. "Not to sound creepy but that kinda turned me on." Harry whispered in my ear, before slowly kissing his way down to my stomach. "H-Harry not here." I said getting up and leading him to my room. I climbed on the bed, while Harry shut the door and locked it. He started walking towards me, only stopping for a split second to take off his shirt. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Harry asked standing at the edge of the bed. "Only if you put on protection before the moment." I said pulling him down on top of me. He kissed my neck and found my sweet spot. I moaned loudly. "Found it." Harry said, I felt him smirk against my neck. Harry was giving me love bites  as he was trailing down to my stomach. In one swift moment Harry slipped my shirt off, and resumed what he started. Harry slipped his hand down my shorts as I gasped in shock. "Woah love a little wet?" Harry smirked as I was blushing. Harry began creating feelings I had never felt before, in a couple of minutes Harry and I were naked. "Harry grab protection NOW!" I begged even though I wanted him terribly, to the point were I was shaking. Harry walks back into the room with a grin pasted on his face. "Are you ready love?" Harry questioned postioning himself at my entrance. "Yes." I said plainly without emotion. "Do you want it?!?" Harry said making me jump. "Yes! Harry I want it!" Right as I finished he was in me. I screamed with pain and pleasure. Before I could adjust Harry went away doing his business. Getting moans and groans from the both of us. Once we were finished Harry took himself out of me and his sweaty, sticky, and warm body fell on mine. "Thank you Harry, that was beautiful." I said whispering in his ear, before laying my head on his chest. "Ciarra I love you more than ever." I grinned and yawned. "Harry I love you too." I whispered before I drifted off to sleep with Harry's arm protectively around my waist.

Niall's P.O.V

When I woke up I had Abbey wrapped in my arms. We were still sitting on the bean bag where I thought we were gonna go all the way, I had wanted to but Ciarra had come in at the wrong time. I looked down at Abbey, the sun was beating down on her skin; making her look even more like the angel that she was. I moved the hair off her face that had fallen out of the bun she had put in last night, making her wake up. I cursed myself under my breath, I had wanted her to sleep a little longer."Hi babe."She told me her voice was husky with sleep, it was a turn on for me."Hun, you do know that, that voice you just used, turned me on majorly." I responded. She playfully smaked my chest and got up."Imma go and brush my teeth, k? I think I still have a tooth brush for you." She then walked into her bathroom. Shit, she was gonna be the death of me; she was wearing that little sports bra and her basketball shorts. I don't think she knows what she does to me. I got and went into the bathroom after her, she had her back to me so I decided to scare her. I snuck up to her back and tickeled her sides, she jumped in the air and screamed. Before I could move I got an elbow to the gut, note to self- never scare Abbey. I held my stomach and looked over to see her crying. Oh shit. "Babe, Abbey...whats wrong?" She was scaring me, I went over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist."Don't scare me ever again." She laughed."Wait why were you crying?" I asked her, she smiled at me."Because when I get scared by things my proccess is to beat the shit out of it, then cry, and finally be pissed." I was confused by her answer. She wasn't mad at me."Your not mad at me? Are you?". "No, I love you to much to ever be mad at you." She told me and pecked my lips. When she told me she loved me my heart swelled, I knew I loved her. She pulled out of my arms."I gotta eat Niall. " She was already out the door. When I got into the kitchen she was snacking on Pringles, even the way she was eating turned me on."Do you want a pop tart?" She asked me, chips still in her mouth."Yes ma'am. Two please." I told her smiling. "K" Abbey turned around and went into the pantry to her right. I heard my phone buzz, I remebered I put it in the pocket of the basketball shorts she gave me. I saw the text was from Boo-Bear. It read- Where are you and Hazza, Nialler?

Me- I'm at Abbey's

Louis- whos dat??

Me- my girlfriends

Louis- I wanna meeeeet heeeeeer!! so do DJ Malik.

Me- k, ill tell her.

I tuned to Abbey, "Babe, I want you to meet Louis and Zayn." She turned to me and leaned up against the counter. Crap, was she mad at me? That was the only thing about her that bothered me. She was an actress so I never knew if she was acting or for real. She smiled at me and walked over got on her tippy toes, she made it so her lips were only an inch away."Sure. I would love to."She pressed her lips to mine,our lips moved in sync. The toaster popped the pop tart up and we broke away. She walked over to where the toaster was and grabbed our pop tarts, her toaster could toast four things at once; which was awesome. She put the pop tarts on a plate and walked over to the stools that were at the breakfast bar, and sat down. I went up behind her and lifter her up and snuck myself behind her so she was sitting on my lap.


That morning after Abbey and I had pop tarts I went home and hung out with Zayn at the mall and talked to him about asking Abbey to move in with Louis and I. He told me that he thought we were moving to fast, but I couldn't help but feel like she would say yes. Now I was at the house with Liam, Maryland,Harry,and Louis; Zayn had left on a plane trip to meet up with Perrie. We were all watching a movie. I was on the couch with Harry, Louis, and myself. Liam and Maryland were on the love seat. Liam had told all of us before he left he was going to ask her to move in with him when he was picking her up. By the way she had ran up to all of us and hugged us she had said yes. I was ready to sleep so I told them all goodnight and went up to my room. I had wanted Abbey to come to the movie get- together but she had work and play practice. Harry had wanted the same but Ciarra had to work also. I slipped out of my shorts and slept commando in my bed. I fell asleep to Abbey's face in my head. 

Harry's P.O.V

I had gotten jelous of  Maryland and Liam, they were being all cuddly and I started to get very angry. "I'm going out." I said flatly and grabbed my coat and keys. "I'm coming with you." Louis said walking towards me. "What why?" I asked, I wanted to go see Ciarra. "Cause I don't want be stuck here with a mushy couple and a sleeping leprachaun." Louis whinned while putting on his coat. "What about your carrots Lou? They will be lonely without you." I was honestly just saying random stuff so that Louis wouldnt come with me. "Oh there in my tummy I need to get more any who so later Liam and Maryland we will be back later." Louis shoved me out the door, and I mumbled stuff under my breathe that was better left unsaid. "Alright so were are we going?" Louis asked once we were on the road. "Well we are going to Ciarra's and Abbey's wether you like it or not." I stated turning onto her road. "Uggh fine, in a way I'm excited to meet you and Niall's girlfriends!" Louis gave me an evil smirk adding on a wink to build suspision. "We are here now be nice." I said practically running to her house. I peeked in the window to see Ciarra and Abbey watching a scary movie. "Oh bitch are you crazy, who just goes waltzing into a an old creepy house?" Ciarra stated looking annoyed and Abbey eating her popcorn. "Please turn around are you fudging crazy lady? He's behind you turn around! Please you idoit, you should just die in a hole! You don't deserve to even die you stupid fat cow!" Ciarra was shouting, I shook my head. I turned to my side to see Louis gone. "Louis? Louis where are you?!?" I said feeling a bit panicked. "Hey I'm going to go get some food." Abbey stated worry spread across her face, I'm guessing she doesn't like scary movies. "Alright fine whatever." Ciarra mumbled staring intensely at the t.v. I heard a scream then some banging coming from the kitchen. "Shit Abbey what happened. Wait Abbey don't do it, no Abbey no." Ciarra said, walking into the kitchen. That's when I came into the house, and ran to the kitchen. There I saw Abbey had Louis tied up and hanging from the ceiling with a penis badly drawn on Louis head. "Hey what are you doing here?" Abbey said causing Ciarra to turn around and hug me. "Hey babe, is this your little friend?" Ciarra kissed my cheek and pointed to Louis. "Yeah I came to surprise you. But I had to bring Louis so yeah, here he is." I shook my head, and looked at Abbey clearly pissed off. "Oh you so lucky this is all I did to you, next time you don't touch my food!" Abbey yelled, grabbing a bag of crisps near Lou. Abbey walked back to the living room with Ciarra. "Dude she is like Niall you don't touch the girls food. She and Ciarra got in a fight at a restraunt because of food." I untied him and he rubbed his wrists. "Damn I'm scared now." Louis stated and walked out into the living room. "Hey were is my man?" Abbey said looking around the living room. "Well he is asleep at the house. But it's ok he is with Maryland and Liam." I said sitting next to Ciarra and wrapped my arm around her shoulder. "Who does Maryland think she is, coming back and not saying hi. Come on guys we are going to kill Maryland." Abbey said and next thing I new we all were dragged into Abbey's car and were driving back to the house.


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