imagens of one direction

lots of imanges of the boys comment below what 1D boy and ur name and ill do all of them


3. imagen for taylor

why did harry have to be so perfect? perfectly vivid green eyes, perfect hair, perfect smile, perfect teeth, perfect everything. but he did have one flaw. his girlfriend, kim. she was like a stain on a nice dress. fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake lips, fake nose, and she still gets harry. you just didn't understand. you didn't think that was his type, although some rumors say that he's a...

player and will pretty much date anyone. you refused to believe that though, at least until he dates you. you are always staring at him subtly, but he never notices you. you would be surprised if he even knew who you were.
"watch out!" you heard someone yell. a moment later, everything went black.
when your eyes started to part, HE was standing over you, concerned.
"taylor? taylor! guys! shes awake!" he slapped his friends.
"you mean taylor, the same one that you dropped a 50 pound bag of sand on and knocked out?" his friend said, mocking him and punching his arm.
"what happened? who are you guys?" you asked.
"uh..." harry said.
"tell her harry! tell her how you almost killed her," one of his friends picked on him.
"umm...well, i was going lifting up a heavy bag of sand via rope, i was standing up there, and i almost had it but, kinda...dropped it," harry explained. after a brief pause, he said, "im so sorry, here, let me help you up,".
"thank you," you grasped his hand. it was soft. just like you had imagined. once you were standing, you felt a terrible headache.
"uh, i dont feel so well," you said and put your hand on your forehead in pain.
"i'll walk you to the nurse," harry suggested.
once you were laying down with ice on your head, harry still stuck around.
"it's okay, you don't have to stay, you probably have much more important things to do," you said, although you so badly wanted him to stay.
"i just feel like i owe you, you know?" he said walking over and sitting on the edge of the bed- right near your face.
he leaned in, as if he was going to kiss you. when your lips met, you could see out of the corner of your eye his girlfriend in the hall watching everything. oh God.
"um, harry," you said and pointed to her.
"don't worry, i'll take care of this," he said and got up. a moment later he appeared next to her, said something, and she threw her phone on the ground and stomped off. he dissapeared from the window but reappeared a second later.
"all better," he said, smiling. he kissed you again, and you realized, it was. because you finally had your prince. ♥

      hope you like it taylor


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