Same Mistakes


Hallie moves to New York to drown her sorrows in a hard core dance career, but one day she gets a surprise visit from her past. Will she have moved on? Or will she give in?

**You probably won't need to read the first movella to understand what's happening**


1. Prologue

The rain ran down my cheeks, disguising my tears. "No, it's ok." I lied "I understand," He looked at me with pity in his perfect green eyes. Why are you doing this to me? I thought How can you leave me like this? He wrapped his muscular arms around my small frame.

"I promise it's not forever," He whispered into my ear, "I'll come back and find you when it's all over." Then he let me go. Released me from his arms, his mind, and his life. His car started up, the headlights shining through the rain as he abandoned me in the park. 

Slowly, I made my way to the streetlight. My clothes stuck to my body and my shoes squished as I walked, but when I made it to the light, I turned around to face the park. We used to come here to watch the sunrise or sunset. We would chase each other in circles and count the stars. All the happy memories came back to me, flooding my heart with regret. What did I do to make you leave?

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