If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


1. Niall imagine

It was your second year anniversary to your boyfriend Niall,last year you took him out to eat at his favorite place,Nando`s,now its his turn to pick it out.

You were in a rush cause you didn't know where you were going so yo wore a green,sparkly dress along with a emerald 4 clover ring Niall got you when you two went to Ireland t meet his family. The doorbell rings as you're putting on your heels.

As you rush to open the door,you see Niall with his jaw dropped. "Wow.(Y/N) you look amazing!" He said as he was tugging your arm towards the car.

You were in the car with Niall so you were wondering where you two were going."Where we going?" You asked Niall. "ITS A SURPRISE!" He shouted,then laughing.

The car finally stopped I in a parking lot. He was helping you get out of the car as you were noticing he was taking you to the Nando`s that you use to work at,actually,this is where you guys met at.

When you were going through the door you heard "SURPRISE!" Coming from every direction there. As you turned to face Niall, you saw him on one knee! "Will you be my one an only Mrs.Horan?" He asked you with a puppy face. "Oh my gosh,yes!" You said with tears in the corners of both your eyes. That night you guys had your first dinner as a soon-to-be-married. Later on,you guys got married on Sweetest Day,that was also the day you guys started to date and the day Niall proposed to you.


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