Things are looking up...

Cherry isn’t your normal teen, although she loves all of the typical teen stuff she is quite different. She’s a shape shifter, trying to live a normal life disguised as a normal teen, but one boy is about to blow her cover...


4. Chapter Four

'YOU FOLLOWED ME?' I shouted at him. Enraged I stood up from the armchair I was sitting in.

'Out of my house! OUT' I felt myself shaking uncontrollably, now wasn't the time, not with him around.

His eyes were wide.

'I just wanted to know why you were going!' He said, clearly hurt by my harsh words.

I couldn't stop shaking, it was going to happen. It tore through my body as I transformed into the most intimidating form.

Harry backed out of the room, you could see he was scared, I was too.

My mother walked into the living room.

'Really, Cherry? A bear?' Then she noticed a terrified Harry standing in the doorway.

Her eyes grew wider.

'I'm sorry you'll have to leave..' Her stiff voice cracked at the last word.

'Ch-Cherry, c-call me' Harry stammered before running out of the house.


(ugh another short one. Sorry!)

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