Things are looking up...

Cherry isn’t your normal teen, although she loves all of the typical teen stuff she is quite different. She’s a shape shifter, trying to live a normal life disguised as a normal teen, but one boy is about to blow her cover...


5. Chapter Five

I was sitting in the armchair, back in human form, and thinking about what had happened.

How was I even meant to call him? I didn't have his number, I wasn't popular enough for him. 

That's when I noticed the note, a piece of paper sitting on the coffee table.

Call me,

and below was his number.

I quickly pressed it into the phone, we were leaving soon, I had to talk to him before we left.

He picked up after two rings with a slightly upset sounding hello.

'Hey, it's me, Cherry' I said as politely as I could.

'Oh, uh hey Cherry' He said, surprised that I had even bothered to call him.

'So, why did you want to talk?' I asked sweetly. I laughed in my mind at how my stupid and fake I sounded.

'I just wanted to ask if you were available sometime so we could talk without all the anger' He sounded a bit nervous to be honest, he knew I had been mocking him with my tone.

'Well okay, what about now?' I kept the sickly sweet voice on while I talked. Still laughing in my head throughout the conversation


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