Things are looking up...

Cherry isn’t your normal teen, although she loves all of the typical teen stuff she is quite different. She’s a shape shifter, trying to live a normal life disguised as a normal teen, but one boy is about to blow her cover...


1. Chapter One


I packed my bag and hurried out the door, I was late for school. I was breaking into a sweat, on the brink of transforming, when out of nowhere, Alice appeared.

‘Cherry! We’re late!’ She said, hurrying, trying to catch up with my running speed. Alice doesn’t know about me, about what I can do so just thinks I’m a good runner rather than a mythical creature. But I’m not even that, a mythical creature I mean, myths aren’t true, and well, I exist don’t I?

When Alice finally caught up, we had already arrived at the school. The courtyard was empty, a clear indication that the bell had already rung and we were late.

We sprinted to the classroom we had registration and first lesson in. The teacher glared at us as we took our seats and got our stuff out.

‘Well then, Alice and Cheryl, late again are we?’ Miss Hargrove said. I hate her so much; she refuses to call me Cherry like every other teacher and instead insists on calling me my birth name, Cheryl.

She started to ‘teach’ us some rubbish we all already know how to do. That’s what I hate about her most; she acts as if we’re two year olds.

I took a sideways glance at Alice, who obviously was in as bad a mood as I. I looked down at my book and sighed.

I noticed that Miss Hargrove had stopped talking.

‘Cheryl, pay attention and do what everyone else is doing.’ She said, sternly.

My eyes darted around the room, everyone was writing stuff in their books, but I had no idea what.

I turned to the person next to me, a boy called Niall, and whispered to him.

‘What are we doing?’ He looked up from his book and at me.

‘Write down what’s on the board.’ He lowered his head again and continued writing.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I copied down the formulae written on the whiteboard.

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