It's Not Over

When Mackenzie gets the chance to meet one direction, She finds her best friend Hannah Parker holding Nialls hand. How could she have kept this secret from her? Mackenzie's world was falling apart when Hannah and Niall break up and Niall asks Mackenzie to go to a beach party with him for a date. Mackenzie doesn't know what to say because she is in risk of loosing her friends If she takes this once in a lifetime chance.


1. I Just Found Out

It was my first day of 10th grade at Miami High. My best friend Hannah and I had all of our classes together just like last year. But this year was really special. At our school, 10th grade was the last year of high school. Here at Miami High we had 7th-10th grades and Elementary School was K-6th grades. And we didn't call that dance at the end of the year that you only get one chance in your whole life to go to and have a perfect time a prom. We called it a Beach Dance because we always held it on the beach.
Time went by fast bell after bell until gym class. Hannah and I walked to gym and got a locker we changed clothes and I noticed that Hannah had done something strange. She had worn a tank top. She never wore a tank top. I started to wonder. What's going on with her? We went through gym running laps on the track and playing kickball. After gym Hannah and I ran to the bus do we could get the back seat. We got on our bus. It was bus 342. It was a brand new bus and had smooth blue seats. Hannah and I took a seat in the back and put in our head phones.
We were half way through the bus ride when I noticed I had my head phones. I handed Hannah one and we put them in out ears. I started playing "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction and we wrode the bus home.
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