Everybody makes memories, whether they are great, horrible, exciting, or even life changing.


1. Chapter 1

Sam's POV

"I dont get how anybody would want her." "She is ugly." I over heard my foster care people say. I hope they know im awake and not asleep. I walked out of my room and into the living room where they were.

"Good morning." I grumbled.

"Good morning...oh we have some news for you. We are sending you back to your dad." my foster mum said.

"What?! You know that he abused me and that crap!" I excliamed.

"Ya we know." they said happily.

"You know what you can go to hell for all I care." I said while running out of the house, still in my toy story pajama pants, carrot shirt, and turtle slippers. I finally found a bench, I sat down and cried into my hands. I felt someone touch my shoulder...I looked up and saw a guy that looked about my age, with black hair. I gave him a slight smile as he sat down next to me.

"Whats wrong?" he asked full of concern.

"Since when does it matter to anybody else but me?" I asked through my tears.

"Since I met you. Now, tell me whats wrong." he demanded while pulling my into a hug.

"Well my foster parents are sending me back to my dads house...which I rather get kidnapped than be with him." I responded.

"Well come with me...I have a few friends that can help you...and dont worry I will be with you no matter what. Im Zayn by the way." he replied.

"Nice to meet you Zayn and im Sam." I said smiling. The first real smile I have been waiting for. We began walking back to his place, when I saw a car that was matched into another...with a baby crying in the arms of a police man...

"Oh my god..." I whispered, while running up to them with Zayn quickly following me.

"Sam what the hell. Is everything alright?" Zayn asked while catching his breath.

"Thats my cousin..." I replied, the officer must have heard us cause he turned right to me.

"Her sisters, mother, and father died...are you willing to take custody over her?" he asked.

"Only if you let me live with my bestfriend instead of dad." I claimed.

"Whats wrong with your dad?" he asked concerned.

"He is abusive..." I mumbled.

"What did you say I couldnt head you." he asked.

"He is abusive." I announced causing Maddy to cry.

"Ya you can, and please stay safe." he said while handing me Maddy then walking away.

"Hey baby you have a cut on your arm..." I said while me and Zayn began walking to his house. I held Maddy in one arm, and held Zayn's hand with my other. We finally reached his house and found a van sitting in his drive way.

"The guys must be over..." he said as he unlocked the door. He was bombarded with hugs from a guy with curly hair and another with blonde. I saw two guys on the couch crying...wait why were they crying?!

"Hey whats wrong?" I asked them as I kneeled down besides them with Maddy in my arms. They looked up and our eyes met...thats when I fell in love with him. We continued looking into each others eyes, for awhile which was interrupted by Zayn placing a hand on my shoulder.

"Oh im Louis by the way." the guy that I was looking into the eyes with replied.

"And im Liam...and our girlfriends just broke up with us..." the other guy responded.

"Im so sorry...and im Sam by the way. This is my baby cousin Maddy too." I claimed while standing up on my feet.

"Im going to take Sam shopping..." Zayn said while taking my hand.

"Wait...can I take her? Shopping helps helps me think straight." Louis pipped up while grabbing my arm.

"Uhm sure...make sure that you dont let her out of your sight..." Zayn said to Louis.

"I wont." Louis responded smiling at me.

"Want me to watch Maddy?" a guy with curly hair asked.

"Uhm sure...and whats your name? Im Sam by the way." I asked.

"Im Harry and this is Niall." he said while pointing to the blonde.

"Thanks..." I yelled as Louis pulled me out of the house...wait what was that, that I just felt?

"What was that?" I exclaimed, while I re-did my hair.

"I dont know but I felt it to." he responded while placing an arm around my waist and walking me to the car.

" tell me about your self." I said as we began the drive to the store.

"Well I am Louis Tomlinson, I am 20 years favorite food is carrots...I love stripes, and I am in a band with those guys...have you heard of One Direction?" he asked while glancing at me then back at the road.

"Nope sorry." I responded...

"Your insecure dont know what for turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or dont need make up to cover up being the way that you are is enough. Everyone else in the room can see it everyone else but you. Baby you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed but when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell you dont know oh oh you dont know your beautiful." he sang, I started to blush I have no idea why but his voice was amazing. I started to cover my face.

"Babe dont cover up your beautiful face." Louis said as he place his hand on mine...what is up with these sparks?! Wait I am starting to love Louis....the Louis Tomlinson.

"Sam are you alright?" he asked concerned.

"Wha?" I asked confused.

"We have been here for like 10 must have spaced out." he said with a chuckle...I looked forward and found him...the him that I have been wanting to avoid since he left dad. His eyes met mine and he smiled deviously taking small steps towards the car.

"Louis we have to go...we have to!" I paniced.

"Why?!" he asked concerned.

"My dad." was all I said then everything went black.

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