Inside The Mirror

Maddy has never really cared about ghosts or ghouls, especially vampires!
One night at a sleepover party, Maddy and her friends have a dare contest! All of the dares are pretty stupid until Jo thinks of the ultimate dare. Maddy will have to go into the haunted house on Oakley Street! Maddy is not really scared because the house is unoccupied, but she will soon discover that there might be one…or two residents!


1. The Slumber Party

" You going to Jo's party tonight?" asked Emma.

"Why wouldn't I be ?" I replied.

"Just,well you know how things are with you and Jodie at the moment."

"Well, Is Megan going to be there?"

Megan is my best friend. We have been friends since nursery school. We are inseprable, and we practically live together . She eats with me,she hangs with me,and she even stays over with me!

"I think so,yeah." Emma mumbled.

"I was gonna go anyway!" I protested.

"I really can't wait for this years slumber party! Apperanty Ryan might come,but I seriously doubt that,he is just so hot!!!!"

*                        *                      *

When I got to the slumber party Jodie and Emma were chatting on the sofa. Jodie saw me and got up to go to the bathroom.

Jodie and I had a very heated argument last month. Everyone in my year knows what happened. Jodie made fun of my sister. My sister has a horrible disease where she has to do something like swear or shake her head or something. Anyway I don't like to talk about it.

Jo said we should all get our Pyjamas on and then go up to her room. After getting changed we all sat in a circle on Jo's bed. I love Jo's bedroom. It's a typical teenagers room,full of posters and sketches (Jo is great at art) and she has the most beautiful clothes as well, she has a million pairs of jeans with amazing detail, flowers and diamonds all over the legs. Her shoes are amazing too,heels as high as skyscrapers with amazing neon colours. 

We had makeovers, Jodie did my makeup and she gave me a death stare the whole way through.We had gossip sessions with each other,telling each other  our deepest,darkest secrets!

After a while Emma got bored and suggested a dare contest! 


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