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This is about One Direction, if you are a hater then don't read this blah to you too...haha xx This is a Liam and Niall fanfic! About it: Sammi and Maya are best friends. They have amazing boyfriends; Evan and Max. When they all go to a Halloween party, they find their boyfriends cheating. They are both heartbroken, but then they meet two special boys; the famous Niall James Horan and Liam James Payne of One Direction. They go on tour with the boys, and are having the time of their lives...until certain someones want them back.


1. The Party

Maya's P.O.V.

"Sammi! We need to get ready! Max and Evan will be here in two hours!" I said to my best friend Sammi. Max was my amazing boyfriend of two years and his best friend Evan was Sammi's boyfriend of two years as well. 

"But Pretty Little Liars is on!" Sammi said from downstairs. 

"I don't care, you can tape it or watch it on Netflix. I have the curling iron heated up,"I replied.

"Grr you," she grumbled. Sammi loved when her hair was curly, so I ended up curling it all the time since she always burns herself. She was going to be Harry Styles and I was going to be Louis Tomlinson. Max was going to be Liam Payne (My favorite member) and Evan was going to be Niall (Sammi's favorite member). Our good friend Anna was going to be Zayn Malik, and her boyfriend Sean was going to be Kevin (the pigeon). We had all of One Direction planned out and Louis' pigeon! After I finished Sammi's hair she straightened mine. We got into our outfits and the doorbell rang.

"Coming!" I shouted and ran downstairs. I opened the door to see Max, except with his hair like Liam's in the Live While We're Young music video and a plaid shirt and jeans.

"Hello beautiful," he said. I kissed him and called Sammi. We left the house and went into Evan's Escalade. Sammi kissed Evan on the cheek and got into the front seat next to him.

"Hey Maya," he said to me.

"Hey Evanator," I said.

"Let's go to El's party!" Max said. We were going to meet Anna and Sean there. El was the real Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend, and we had known her for years so we were invited to the party. We were in the car for around ten minutes until we reached El's house. It was around an hour before the party officially started; we wanted to have a good parking space. El and Louis were already at the door dressed as Frankenstein and Frankenstein's bride. This was my first time actually meeting Louis, so I was fangirling inside. 

"Hey Maya! Hey Sammi! Max, Evan!" El said to us, running and giving us hugs

"Hey El," I said, returning the hug. We walked up to Louis.

"Hello, you must be Maya. El said that you would be me for Halloween. I'm Louis," Louis said, extending his hand. 

"Yeah, I'm Maya. Nice to meet you, Louis," I said. El did introductions for the other boys, and we went inside. The One Direction boys were already inside. Oh my God, I thought. 

Liam's P.O.V.

From the second I saw her, I knew it would be her. I didn't even know her name, yet I still knew. I extended my hand to her.

"Hello love, I'm Liam, and this is Niall, Zayn, and Harry," I said. 

"Hey Liam! I'm Maya, and this is Sammi, Evan, and my boyfriend, Max." she said. Damn it! She has a boyfriend! Just my luck. Max, the lucky guy, gave me this 'back off' stare. Niall seemed to really like Sammi, so they were talking.

"I'm going to get us drinks babe," Evan said to Sammi. 

"I'll go with," Max said, not before giving me a warning glare. He kissed Maya passionately. They pulled out, and she smiled.She really loves him, I thought.I went up to her and started talking. After around fifteen minutes, I realized that the boys were gone for a while, especially for just getting drinks.

"Hey, you want to get a drink with me?" I asked her.

"Sure! Let me get Sammi and Niall, we might bump into our friend Anna and her boyfriend Sean there," she said. We got Sammi and Niall and left to go to the drink table. We saw two couples kissing.

"Oh my God," Maya and Sammi said in unison, and fell to the floor crying.

A/N: Hey readers! It's MayaPayne here! Sammi and I are co-authoring this, so all the good chapters are written by her and all the bad ones by me. So this was just a filler chapter, the next one will be better! I was so honored when Sammi gave me her email and agreed to co-write with me, she is an amazing author! I love you guys to pieces! 


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