Dream or Reality?

Cathy is any ordinary girl you find at your school. She loves One Direction, but when she starts dreaming about them, will her dreams get in the way of reality?


2. What Is Happening?

Then something really weird happened. I was suddenly in England. I wasn't supposed to be there! I was supposed to be in California, sleeping and waking up the next morning to go to school! What was happening!? I kept walking around trying to look for someone who would be nice enough to help. Everyone just ignored me. Then someone tapped my shoulder and I quickly turned around to see Harry freaking Styles. Yes. He was right in front of me. What was happening? He then asked me "Do you need help? Are you lost?" I couldn't talk. I was speechless. This boy. I've been internet stalking him for soooooo long and now he's right in front of me. "Yes, I don't know how I came here." I answered. He had a confused look on his face. But not the mean confused look that people give you when they think you're psycho or something. It was that cute confused look. "Where were you before you came here?" I didn't want to answer his question because I was scared that he'd think I'm weird, but I didn't just want to end our conversation so I answered it honestly. "I-I-I don't really know. All I remember was that I was in bed wishing upon a star." Okay, I lied I didn't wish upon a star. It was 11:11 and I thought I'd take a chance. Wait..... didn't I wish that I'd meet Harry Styles? What was happening......................

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