Love Never Die's (sequel to Everything About Us)

sequel to Everything About Us


9. A Letter Form Jared

'Niall's POV:

"Em, let me in!" I yelled knocking on the door. "No! Get away!" She yelled back. "Babe what's wrong?" I asked her, more calmly now. "Get Louis!" She yelled threw her cries. My hear broke when she said that. Get Louis? Why not me? But, I ran to get him anyway. I ran in on him and Eleanor snogging. "Lou- oh sorry!" I said shielding my eyes. "What Niall?" He asked. I started crying. "What's wrong babe?" El asked. "I-i woke up-p cause E-emily was screaming a-and she w-w-wont let me go-o in the bathroom, she-e locked h-her self in t-there." I said in between sobs. "Oh mo God, what if she cuts herself again?" Louis asked, shedding a tear. "Sh-he said sh-ee wanted you-u." I said pointing at you. He got up and ran to the bathroom. I sat down next to El and put my head in my hands, while crying. El rubbed my back while she silently cried. 

Louis's POV:

"Emmy, it's Lou, please let me in." I pleaded. I heard some shuffling and then the door unlock. I rushed in and hugged her. Then, I looked at her wrists. "Emily!" What are you doing!?" I asked, shaking her wrists. "OW!" She screamed, pulling her wrists back and rubbing them. "Tanking away the pain," She whispered, a tear dripping from her eye. "Please stop," I begged. "Can't promise you anything." She whispered again. I put my hands on the sides of her face to make her look straight at me. "No, you have to promise me, Em. You have to," I said crying, making my voice go higher at the end. "Fine. I promise." She said, also crying. We hugged and we stayed like that for a while, until I told her, "You're beautiful," She blushed and laughed," Thanks." "So what was this whole thing about anyway?" I asked her. "I couldn't get out of Niall's grip around my waist and it reminded me of when Rick rapped me. It sacred me Lou," She said whispering the last part. "Aw, babe," I said hugging her tighter. She cried louder and so did I. "I love you, Lou." She told me. "I love you too Em," I said back. We sat in silence in each others arms for a couple minutes. It wasn't an awkward silence, but more of a comfortable one. "I think we should go back to Niall now, he's worried about you," I  said, breaking the silence. She nodded and I helped her get up. I rolled down her sleeves and said, "Our secret, ok?" She nodded and we left the bathroom.

Emily's POV:

Everyone swarmed around us and after a little bit, they cleared up and I sat on the couch with Niall. We were watching bridesmaids when I got a direct message on twitter. Hey babe. Look in your room.." The person who sent that to me was Jared14- wait what!? Jared1490!?!? That's my ex! He was so over protective that if I did anything that I upset him, he would cut me. That's probably why my father liked him so much. Go, they should be fucking gay together! I got up and went to look in my room. I saw a piece on folded up paper on the bed.

It read, "Hey baby. So you have to do something for me, or should I say your boyfriend. If you don't want him to get hurt, you will follow these instructions. First, you have to brake up with him and tell him you don't love him. Then, you have to move back to America and be my girlfriend. You don't even have to live with me, just be mine... You have 5 months. 

I was in tears after reading this. I just got my baby back, and now I have to loose him again.

A/N hey guys! sorry I haven't updated lately  the hurricane made my house have no wifi! So my favorite holiday was cancelled! In New Jersey, Halloween is now on Monday:( Well I didn't have any school since last Friday and not until Monday so bunch on homework on our Halloween it sucks. AND my phone got taken away! I'm having a bad couple of days! I'm writing one more chapter on this book today and then one on Accidental Love cuz until Halloween  scary movies all day all night with my homies Netty and Ang!! And this guy named Ray....he's hot ;) lol well have fun reading and thank you so much! Hope your enjoying it:) peace yall im out!XD



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