one direction: the passed and the future

this book is about one direction since their childhood up to xfactor and now. (Could you please read my new short movella? It's called "will you be my valentine?" And while your at it please favourite it and comment. It would mean a lot. :) )


7. the auditions: harry styles, louis tomlinson

HARRY STYLES: nice to meet you whats your name? im harry styles. ok, how old are you? um im 16. tell me a bit about you. um i work in a bakery. so what are you doing here today? well ive always wanted to audtion but i always been too young. ok, what are you going to sing? im going to sing isnt she lovely by steevie wonder. ok, good luck. isnt she lovely, isnt she wonderful, isnt she precious, less than 1 minute old. and i never thought we'd be making one as lovely as she, isnt she lovely made from love. to my suprise they said yes exept for one of them.  LOUIS TOMLINSON: whats your name? my name is louis tomlinson. off you go, oh its what you do to me, oh its what you do to me, what you do to me. first judge: louis im going to say yes. second judge: im saying yes. simon: youve got 3 yeses. thank you so much!

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