I Won't Give Up.

Savannah was tired of her life. Her mother just died five months ago. Her best guy friend had became her boyfriend and helped her back up. But as time progressed Savannah became more depressed about her mothers passing. Her boyfriend Luke was getting upset because she never did anything with him. Luke started to hide her from the world and then started to beat her. Savannah finally gained enough strength to leave. She ran away in the middle of a cold winter night. She ran in to Harry Styles and he helped her be more confident and to love herself again. This is her story and how she won't give up.


2. Come Home With Me.


"Come home with me." I said with a smile putting my hands onto her shoulders. "With you?" Savannah said confused. "You live in London!" she said in disbelief. "No,no I'm on tour." I  said. I wanted her to come. "I don't know if I could. I mean I might interfere with your work or the boys will hate me. It just doesn't seem as a good idea Harry." she said. I don't know what to do. She needs to come with me if she has no place to go. "Here, just let me call up the boys." I said bringing up my phone and calling Liam. He is the only one that will pick up his phone.

"Harry! Where are you? You never even said you'd be leaving!" Liam said                                   

"Never-mind that Liam, just grab all the boys and put it on speakerphone" I said. I heard Liam screaming for all of the boys.

"Okay we're here" Liam said.

"Okay. I have a met a friend and she has no place to go." I said

"Bring her here!" Liam shouted. He always like to have new people over.

"Okay what about the rest of you?" I said looking at Savannah.

"Yeah!" They all said in unison.

"Will she interfere with our work and are you guys going to hate her?"

"No!" Liam said in disbelief of what I just said.

"Okay thanks boys bye!" I said.

 "Well, will you come. I don't want you to sit out hear in the cold." I said practically pleading. "Well," She said. Please say yes please say yes. She has been through to much and I just want to help her. I wish I could say that to her. I haven't felt this way in a long long time. The way she laughed and the way her hair fell. She was beautiful. "Yes." she said something bringing me out of my thoughts. "What?" I said. "Yes, I'll go with you but one time I mess something up I am leaving. Okay?" Savannah said. I almost jumped hearing that. I was so happy. "Okay lets go!" I said going towards her and putting my arm around her neck pushing away the cold air. The bus was about 5 minutes away. We got there in no time. "Can you take your arm off of my shoulders. It's not like I don't want it there it's just the boys. I just don't feel like getting embarrassed today." She said looking up at me. I need to see those eyes, it is driving me insane. "Oh okay. It's ok" I said taking off my arm and walking inside. "Vas happenin?!" Zayn screamed. A smile was trying to come out of Savannah's mouth but it was stuck and she was looking down. I lead her to the middle of the tour bus by her back. I stopped in front of the T.V. "This is Savannah boys." I said pointing to her. "And Savannah This is Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn." She looked up a bit smiled half way did a little wave and looked back down at her feet. Everyone stared at me, "Her mother just passed away." I mouthed softly so Savannah wouldn't see. The boys eyes widen. "You didn't have to mouth it Harry it's okay." She said. "You can tell them my whole story." She said still looking down. "Are you sure." I said trying to get her to look at me. "Yeah." A tear slipped and fell out of her eye the boys saw it. I started to hug her she had cried enough. The rest of the boys joined. "Don't cry love, we don't have to know everything about you." Liam said "Yeah when your ready you tell us, okay?"Zayn said agreeing with Liam. We all got out of the hug. "Anyone hungry?" Shouted Niall. Oh Niall. Everyone laughed. And for the first time I heard Savannah laugh about something other than the past. And wow was it amazing. I can tell she was getting embarrassed because she stopped when she saw me looking at her in awe. I realized what I was doing. "I do!" I screamed out. Savannah jumped. "You ok?" I said laughing. "Yeah. You just scared me that's all." She said smiling. I could tell she was sad underneath that smile. She almost looked as if she was making herself do the smile. I felt bad.


I was so sad and I felt as if I was out of place on the tour bus. As if everyone was putting on a show to make me feel better, but at the same time I feel as if I belong here. That these boys will be by my side forever. Ugh I hate my mind it's always going on and on. "Erm, Savannah?" Harry said. I looked up at him and looked into his eyes. He couldn't see mine because I still have my mother's sunglasses on. And at that moment I remembered my eyes, so it made them hurt I almost screamed. "Do you want to put your stuff away? You can sleep on my bed and I'll sleep on the couch. Okay?" He said. "Oh no, if I'm taking you out of your bed then I just won't stay." I said walking towards the door. "Hey where are you going?" Shouted Louis. "You're not leaving already? And why are you?" He said, looking a little confused. "Oh well Harry said he'll sleep on the couch, and I just didn't want to have him leave his own room." I said getting a little embarrassed. "Oh please, just let Harry sleep in the bed with you. I know you two won't do anything." He looked at me with a smirk and then at Harry. "Go in there and get situated okay?" Louis said pointing for me and Harry to go in the room. I walked in. There was a bed in the middle. It had a plaid bed cover with matching pillow cases. There was only one picture. It was of his mom, sister and him. He looked so small."So this is my room. And for your clothes I have open drawers that I never use so you can use them. Okay?" Harry said. "Okay." I said. "Hey, what's wrong. You don't have to be so sad. We are all here for you okay? Loosen up, laugh a little. Okay?" He said trying to look into my eyes. "Savannah, may I see your eyes?" What did he just ask? Did he know that my ex-boyfriend had beaten me. But I had to. If I was going to be comfortable I might as do that. "Turn around for a second, and don't look. Okay Harry? And I mean it." I said. He turned around giving me a thumbs up. I waited a minute and started to take off Harry's coat, then my sweatshirt revealing all of my bruises. I was in a tank top I kept that on. I pulled down my sweatpants I had shorts on underneath them I was wincing in pain. It hurt to take off my clothes, I almost started to cry but I held it in. I took off my hat and gloves. and I was done. "You can turn around." I closed my eyes I didn't want to see his reaction.


I was turned around facing my door. I heard Savannah taking off her clothes, but I have a feeling it wasn't going to be all of her clothes. I could kind of hear her crying out in pain, like it hurt her just to take off her clothes. I had no idea what she was doing, I didn't even know if she was going to even show me her eyes. I wonder what color they are. I wonder if they are brown. I hoped they were brown. I just pictured her to be brown eyes, with that brown curly hair. "Okay, you can turn around." Savannah said with pain in her voice. She kind of startled me because I was taken out of my thoughts. I turned around slowly. "Oh my God." I said to myself. She had bruises everywhere. On her arms and her legs. I stepped closer to her observing her bruises closer. "Who did this to you?" I said. "Was it that Luke kid?" She looked up at me and nodded slowly. She didn't cry though. "Why?" I said. "When my mother had died I never did anything with him." I nodded that's all I needed to know. She sat down on my bed. I moved closer to her, butterflies entering my stomach. I wanted to kiss her. I decided not to, there was something more important to me. As I moved in closer my hands slipped onto her sunglasses and I slowly slipped the sunglasses off. I was shocked. She was hiding two big black and blue eyes. "Oh my God." I said again. I said it a little louder this time. She looked down. I lifted up her chin.


He took off my sunglasses and tried to look into my eyes. I looked down. He lifted up my chin and observed them. "You do not deserve him, Savannah. You are a human, your beautiful, you have feelings." He said."You have beautiful eyes." He said. "Thank-you, that's why I ran away." I said smiling. I felt better, I guess revealing my bruises made me feel better. I felt free like I just wanted to scream of joy.  "Does it hurt?" Harry asked. "Very, my eyes the most." I said he smiled. "Can I get the rest of the boys?" He asked me. "Yeah, sure." I wasn't afraid anymore. I smiled as Harry walked out to get The rest of the boys. He was probably telling them what happened.

  I thought they were going to come in all at once, but each of them came in one by one with Harry by their side. Zayn came in first. Wide eyed. "I'm glad you left, you don't deserve to be treated like this, by anyone. You hear?" Zayn said. His eyes were full of hurt. I nodded and smiled. He left. Next was Louis. From what I saw all the time I thought he was going to say a joke. "I know you are probably thinking that I'm going to say a funny joke." He said standing in front of me. "Well I am." I laughed. "But this isn't a joke, a boyfriend is supposed to protect you from this not cause this." He said flashing a smile. He leaned over into my ears."Harry's really good at protecting his girlfriends." He whispered into my ears. I laughed. He walked out letting Niall in. "Don't let people take control of you. You are you, and nobody can change that." He said. I looked down. My cheeks changing to red. "Hey, don't be so insecure," Niall smiled quoting the What Makes You Beautiful. "I bet your turning heads when you walk through the door." He said smiling. He let Liam in. Liam came in and sat on the bed next to me. My head turned the other way. "Let me see your eyes." He said softly. I turned my head towards him. He did nothing. He wasn't even making expression. He moved his hands closer to my eyes. He touched them. I flinched. It was like being burned. He moved his hands quickly away. "I'm sorry." Liam said with hurt in his voice. "It's okay it just hurts. A lot." I said. "I know, it probably does." He said getting up. He looked everywhere on my body. "I'm so sorry." He said he looked like he was about to cry. "It's not your fault, Liam. It's simply mi-" I was cut off by Liam. "No it's not. It's is never going to be your fault. You did not tell him to do this. It's his own fault, for not caring for a girl like you." He said with his voice calm. And for the first time I realized how much these boys care about me, even though I just got here. "There needs to be more boys like you five." I said. Liam gave me a smile. I stood up and hugged him. "Thank-you Liam." I whispered his ear. "Your welcome. If there is anything you ever need just come to me." Liam whispered in my ear. I pulled out of the hug.

  "You ready to eat?" Harry said. "Yes, starving." I smiled. We walked out of the room. I didn't feel any awkwardness or anything. I walked confidently. "Do you know how to cook?" Niall asked me. "Erm, I know how to cook Hamburger Helper." I said shrugging my shoulders. "Good!" Niall said with a big smile. "You're going to need to make extras, for this bozo." Zayn said pointed at Niall with his thumb. I laughed. The five guys went into the living room to watch some television, leaving me in the kitchen. I went through all the cupboards to look for the dinner. I finally found it. But it was really high. I let out a loud sigh. I looked up and realized how small I am, even compared to the boys. I started to climb on top of the counter and stood on my knees. There wasn't much space for me to even be on there. I reached up but I still wasn't high enough. I was to short. I tried reaching up again. I felt something come beside me. "Aahh!" I screamed out. I started to lean backwards, and started to fall. "Aahh!" I let out another scream. I braced myself for the impact. But I didn't fall all the way down. I fell into someone's arms. I opened my eyes. It was Harry. "Hahaha!" I laughed and I couldn't stop. I just laughed and laughed. At some point I couldn't even breathe I was laughing so much. After I was done laughing I realized I was still in Harry's arm. He looked deeply into my eyes,I tried to look away but I couldn't. His eyes were beautiful. "I should get back to cooking." I smiled. Harry let me down. I realized the food was still up in the cupboard. "Erm, Harry," I looked up at him. He reached up and grabbed the box. "Thanks." I said grabbing the box from out of his hand. "Need any help?" He asked me. "Yes, please." I said flashing a smile. He grabbed two pans and another box of Hamburger Helper. I looked a him confused. "Niall." He said smiling. I smiled back. I pulled out ground beef out of the freezer and put it into the skillet, I waited a couple minutes and opened up the seasoning packet and dumped it in as well as the noodles and let it simmer as I was stirring it. I looked over at Harry he was doing exactly as I. It was finally done. I put out 6 plates and started filling them with food. Harry would then give them to the boys. As it came for Niall's plate I scooped 5 spoons on it, all of the food would've fallen if I would've added one more. I handed it to Niall. "Ooh thanks!" He said taking the plate from my hands. It was finally time for me to eat. I was starving. I sat on the love seat with my plate of food. Harry came next to me. He took a bite. "Mmmm." He said. "We haven't had real food in ages." He sad with a mouth filled with food. "Aha." I laughed out no body has ever really complimented on my food before, it felt good. We had finished.

 I looked at the clock. 11:00 pm it read. "Hey, I'm going to get going to bed." I said. "Yeah me too." Harry said getting up stretching. I got up and walked toward the room. It was a snow storm out there, with occasional thunder and lightning. I was scared out that, ever since I was a little girl. I hated these kind of storms. I got in bed. Harry got in afterword. A big crash came and I almost died. I put my head underneath the blankets. "You okay Savannah." Harry asked. I shook my head no. I could feel him coming closer to me and pulled me closer. He wrapped his arm around my wast and put his chin on my neck. "What's your favorite song?" He whispered into my ear. I smiled, it tickled me to be whispered in my ear. "More than this." "One of my favorites too. I'm broken, do you hear me? I'm blinded but you are everything I see." He kept singing. I didn't realize it but I was humming with it. Harry stopped singing as I was humming the chorus. "If I'm louder would you see me would you lay down in my arms and rescue me? 'Cause we are the same. You save me, but when you leave it's gone again. And then I see you on the streets in his arms I get weak my body fails I'm on my knees praying." I whispered hoping Harry wouldn't hear. He got to Liam's solo. It was my favorite part because Zayn's echoes came in. I started doing Zayn's echoes. "Can't love you more than this." We sang together. "You have an amazing voice Savannah." I blushed. "Thanks, you too." I drifted off to a sleep.


I was running. I turned left into an alley. I didn't stop to look back. I looked into the distance. It was a dead end, I was trapped. Luke came around the corner walking slowly, he had something shiny in his hand. He came closer giving me a better look at the thing in his hand. It was a gun. Luke lifted it up and pointed it at me. "You should have never left me. Now your going to leave this world." He clicked the hammer and placed his index finger on the trigger. "Bye." He said flashing a smile. He pulled the trigger.



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