revenge of the alien mutants!

After one boy named Tom goes missing on a private road and a human skeleton is found there Toms mum, dad, aunt, uncle, friends and family go looking for him one by one they all seem to disappear and more and more skeletons are found!


1. The boy goes missing!

One scorching hot day Tom's mum and dad went out to buy Toms birthday presents (as his birthday was in a week) Tom was really exited about this because he was going to be 13 and to him and all his friends 13 was an important age to be. He was the oldest out of his friends by about 5 months as he was born in september and they were born in Febuary.

When his mum got back from shopping he decided to go for a walk an the drive to try to get rid of some of the exitment.

When he got half way down he saw a white thing sticking out of the grass so he went to investigate it was actually an alien mutant which just so happend to have finished his last meal and wanted another.

Unfortuantly for Tom the mutant had eyes that could stun someone for 7 hours straight so all that was left of him was the bones. 

Eventualy Tom's mum formed a search party and when they got to the edge of the track it was all over! 

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