totall confession (15+)

Emily's life is all over the place... she can't consontrate on much..... she hates school..... Only 2 pepole know the real her.... She has many issues, she uses music to get away from her life...... Emily has meany secrets.... read to find out what her life turns out to be (most of this is true). P.S. DONT READ IF YOUR UNDER 15


1. introduction

Hi my name is Emily, my life is pretty mest up... My parents are dervoced and my dad doesnt even know me that well..... we have nothing in commen....... When you first meet me you might think my whole world is awesome but in reality im depressed....... I have brown hair and brown eyes, im really short for my age im 13 and im only 5'3 i dont think im going to grow anymore.... My two friends that are my true friends live in diffrent parts of the USA it really sucks becuase there my only friends and my other friends dont care about me at all....All they want to talk about is nial polish and other really girly things.... Im not a real girlly-girly i am but im not afrid to get dirty, i play soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and softball. When i was in elementry school i got bulley alot... I dont trust that many pepole......


I really like One Direction there my favorite band i dont have a poster or anything, my mom doesnt even know i like One Direction....... I love there song 'I want' its the perfict song to fall asleep to.... I know i will never meet them, but that doesnt bother me much, and everyone want to marry them but theres only 5 of them and millions of people want to meet them and marry them, but i have no shot cuz im drop dead ugly.... I'm very inscure and im terrible at spelling, ive never been good at spelling.....Halloween is coming up im such a dork that im not going to any parties or anything (no offince), on halloween i just lay in bed and listen to songs..... It would be nice to go to a party but no one likes me..... except my friends that live far away from me..... But i cant just fly out to there state and say "here i am lets throw a party"..... any way im ok going to write some of the things that have happened to me but make them alittle worse


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