Your My Prince Charming

"Who are you? Are you like my Prince Charming or something?" I asked the stranger who just saved my life. "Maybe, I can be someday." This strange and mysterious person asked me. "How may I repay you?" I asked in my thick British accent. "No need, princess." He said. Oh only if he knew that I was a princess. "Well, thank you Prince Charming." I said with a curtesy at the end. "Anything for you princess. "Anything for you, princess." He said with a bow at the end. "Wouldn't you like to know my name?" He asked. "I think Carming suits you." I smirked. "Well, I must be on my way. Thank you again." I said before running off.
What 'Prince Charming' and Princess Lillian didn't know, is that they won't be able to forget about each other. They'll look high and low for each other. But one coffee stop will change that.


1. The Meeting

"Come on Emily." I called to my best friend. She was trying to sneak up to my room without my stepmother knowing. "I'm coming Lily." She said. Her dirty blonde hair fell into waves, and her ocean blue eyes were looking up at me. She finally made it to my room. "Did you bring them?" I asked. "Yes, i brought the cloths." She said throwing the bag on the bed. I'm going out today, I haven't been out in a while. Besides I'm Prince William's daughter, but no one knows about me. I grabbed a pair of black jeans and a 'I <3 U' shirt. I threw on the cloths and put on some white VANS. "I owe you one." I said to Emily. "You can't go with your hair like that." She said looking at my bun. My brown hair was in a neat bun on the top of my head. Emily took the bun out and messed it up a little. "Now go." She scurried my out of my room. I snuck down stairs and ran outside. 

I made my way to down town London. It's so beautiful at night. I didn't really know where I was going. I took a wrong turn and ended up in an alley. "Hello pretty lady." A creepy guy said walking into the alley. "Ew, get away creep." I said. He pushed me up against the alley wall hard. It knocked the breath out of me. This guy was clearly drunk. "Don't make such a fuss, love." He slurred. "HELP!!" I screeched. The guy threw me on the ground. "HEY! What's going on here?" A guy asked running into the alley. "Get out of here." The guy slurred. He was on top of me and pinned me to the ground. The guy was moved off of me and was thrown to the ground. I think he passed out, I couldn't really tell.

"What are you? Are you like my Prince Charming?" I asked. He had the most lovely blue eyes. "Maybe, I can be someday." He said. "How may I repay you?" I asked. "No need," He said. He took my hand and kissed it lightly. "Well, thank you Prince Charming." I said with a curtesy. "Anything for you, princess." He said with a bow. Oh, only if he knew. "Wouldn't you like to know my name?" He asked. "I think Charming suits you." I smirked. "I must be on my way, but thank you again Prince." I said. "Of course, Princess." He said. I turned around and ran back to the castle. 

"Oh my god, what happened to you?" Emily asked. "I was nearly raped and some guy just came and knocked the guy out. He was lovely, I never got his name, I just called him Prince Charming. He was really hot also." I said. "Sounds like he's a lovely lad." She said. "He was, only if I knew his name." I mumbled the last part. I hopped into the shower then went to bed.

Niall's P.O.V.

I decided to go home early. I wasn't really in the drinking mood. I was walking down a street when I heard a cry for help. I ran down and alley and saw a beautiful girl pinned to the ground. I managed to get the guy off of her and he passed out. This girl was beautiful, she had long brown hair that was naturally curly, with big brown eyes. She called me her Prince Charming. I was in a way. She didn't seem to know who I was. She didn't even ask for my name! All I know is that I want to see her again.

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