Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


1. Never going right, until i met you!

When i was little my mom would always braid my hair, i loved her braids they were always beautiful. Until i was 12 when she passed away and my dad went crazy saying he saw her and she would talk to him, i think he was just depressed and not able to let her go. My dad was in a nut shack when i was 13. And usally when your a teen you hate your parents that was never the case with me. I grew up with my grandma Rave, until my dad got released. I was 15 when he cracked all the way, this time i knew he was going to do something he was going to regret. But no he left me to be with my mom, he loved me an all but he knew what he had to do. He left a note that said:

Dear Danielle,

       I took my life to be with your mom. I will miss you but before you know it we'll be a family again. I will miss you and will be watching over you. Stay safe and keep calm.

                                                                                                     Love you always,


Short but straight the point, but his note made me secure and made me stronger. I  moved back with my grandma in Virginia, I went to school there and i got a job at the Hair place. And i got a scholarship from them and started collage. I am going to collage for Hair and I recently started make-up too. I love hair, and i wanted to do it because it reminds me of my mom. My braids are almost has beautiful as hers.

"Danielle time to eat, sweetie." My sweet Grandma Rave yelled from downstairs.

"Coming, just have to finish this braid!" I said trying so hard to make it look just like my moms, but i knew it would never be as perfect.

"it smells great!" I told her with a quick peck on her wrinkly yet soft cheek.

"I try" She snickered, see she could cook my mom did hair and well my dad was in the Army.

"I wish i could have more but i have to go to school!"I said putting my plate in the sink, and grabing my bag.

I climbed into my car and started, but my body froze as my eyes rose to the picture of my parents. I prayed everynight that in someway, shape or form god would send me a message from them letting me now that they are still watching and waiting for me to be with them again, as a whole, as a family. I turned on the radio, and started listening to my favorite song A thousand years. It made me reflect on my life and where i am now and yet how far i still have left on the open road ahead. Then one direction live while were young came on i was tapping to the beat on my sterring wheel and singing.I was a alright singer i was in a few talent shows and won, but i owe all that to my great, caring and loving mother. I pulled in to the parking lot for the collage i was attending and parked. 

"Danielle" I heard someone yell from behind me.

"Jackie" I replied turning around.

"What you guys doing today? I have a test!" She said sticking her tongue out of her big mouth.

"Ummmm today" I replied think so hard.

"Don't hurt yourself" She stated laughing as hard as she could.

"Oh yea we get placed to work somewhere and then when we graduate those people hire us!"I added.

"Sweet, I can't wait to graduate, i get to work at Crime Scenes!" Jackie is going to collage for CSI.

"Well catch you later, text me when you know where you get placed!" She said with a excited tone.

I walked into the room sat down and started looking though my papers and just going though stuff to pass the extra time. Then the teacher walked in her names Mrs.Downy and said......

"There's no time to waste, when i call you up i will tell you where i placed you, and you will get the directions and you must be there on time and that's where you will be attending for the next 2 weeks. Speaking of which 2 weeks till graduation. Remember i will check up on you to make sure your doing your job good and correct."

She started with the A's and went alpahbeticly. I waited till my name was called, i was scared i wanted to be somewhere good not a old shack on the side of the highway. Then i heard it

"Danielle Sigman" I got up and approched her desk.

"Let's see" She started, "You will be a hairdresser for......... oh yes don't screw up" And when she said that i new it was a good job.

"Yes where, who?!" I asked.

"You will be Niall Horan's Hair dresser." My jaw dropped and i grabed my papers ran back to my desk and shuffled through my baging looking for my phone, i found it and text Jackie. I called my grandma, but she wasn't as excited as me because she had no clue who i was talking about."

"Who got stuck with you?" Chala asked i could tell it was her before i turned around because of that annoying high-piched snobby, bitchy voice.

"Why should i tell you" I questioned, turning around.

"Just spill" One of her plastic minons responed.

"OK fine, im the hairdresser for Niall Horan" I answered in a snobbing voice.

"No way" She yelled grabing my paper. "But i am better than you!" She added.

"Only in your dreams!" I said pretending to cry.

She just sighed and walked away.

"OK class go!" Mrs.Downy yelled.

I ran to my car climbed in and looked at the picture and whispered 'Thanks....god' I started the car and read the papers.

Danielle Sigman

Job:Hairdresser for Niall Horan

And i kept reading to said i needed to be there at 7:30 in the morning unless told other wise. And i typed in the address in my GPS. It was a 15 minute drive, i arrived and parked. I walked in the front door and i should have guessed, Chala was there.

"Your papers say you should be at Classic Hair" The guy at the front desk said.

"No i should be here"She tryed to explain.

"Guards" The guy yelled.

"Noooooooo" Chala yelled all the way out i just waved and smiled.

"Sorry about that, may i help you?"The man asked.

"Ummm yea here's my papers"

"Ok, right this way." I followed the man into this room where the boys were chilling and talking.

"Kaleb, who's this?" Harry asked with a wink.

"Harry back up, gosh" Louis stated.

"I'm Louis" He said kissing my hand.

"Would you all just stop!!" Kaleb screamed.

"This is Danielle"Kaleb added.

"Hi" I said pushing my blonde hair behind my ear out of the way of my green eyes.

"She's here because she's Niall's new Hair Dresser." Kaleb explained.

"Oh" Niall said jumping up and kissing my hand.

"Wanna trade." Harry said moving his eyebrows up and down.

"Harry, no" He said like Harry asked a stupid question.

Right then my phone started ringing, i looked at it and answered, it was Jackie.

"Excuse me" I said to the boys who were all watching me.

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