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In the remote village of Dedham a old myth about a man hanging himself on a tree in unusual circumstances is popular amongst the village. On Halloween 1902, Alice and her friend Alexis are late to the church, they see a shadow thinking it's just an adult running home to get something. But was it? Strange things happen and it seems as the myth is playing out in front of them. Will this kill them bboth? or not.....


28. Open

I reached out with my left hand, shaking and clammy ; the ice cold touch of the metallic door handle sending me into a absolute frenzy. The black baton still tight in my right hand, the skin around the bone becoming a pure white as I gripped the the strap of the baton with a severe amount of force. My left hand slowly began to turn the golden door handle, shaking vigorously as I did so. While my left hand opened the door, my right adjusted itself so I would be able to get enough swing. My skin becoming clammy as the door creeked open, hairs pricking up on my knock as a glimpse of what was laying mysteriously behind he door. The sight was horrific, the smell even worse.

My eyes becoming wide with anticipation as the door slammed wildly on the white , bumpy walls of my room. What met my eyes overwhelmed me, the only reaction I could use was to scream with magnificent clarity. What had met my eyes was absolutely awfull, worse than I could've ever imagined. Because of the sight, I dropped the heavy baton on my right foot ; causing me to scream with pain rather than horror. As the second scream tore through the house I began to hop around my room, cursing my baton as well as my luck.
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