Pushed to fall

'It' girl Teri has an amazing life. Good Grades, loads of friends and a drop dead gorgeous boyfriend, Greg. But when her life spins out of control, including regular visits to her phsyciatrist and temporarily paralysed, will she ever get her life back?


1. Prologue

How did this happen? My perfect life turned upside down in an instant. I lay in the cold hospital, trying to remember any detail of what had gone on. They obviously didn't have a hospital nightie in my size as it was like a top on me. My crying famiy hugged me tight.

"Teri, darling, we didn't know if you would make it!"  my Mum cried. Well I think it was my mum. Everything was still kind of blurry.

"That was quite a fall you took there," my Dad said.

Everything was coming back. Slowly, but it still was returning.

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