Being yourself is real

This is my entry for the "Keeping it real" competition. I don't have high hopes on this one, but I'm just gonna spill my mind.


1. Being yourself is real

Ever wanted to be that popular girl in school? Or probably that rich famous guy who probably has everything? These days, so many people want to be the someone else. Normal girls want to be popular and loved. Desperate girls that are jealous of other girls having boyfriends so they 'sell' themselves. Boys wanting to be powerful and so much more. I sometimes think to myself, "What has come to this world?".

It's very difficult to understand why people want so much and during that process of getting what they want, they fail to be themselves. I want every one of you to know what will happen if you become fake. What will happen if you have a fake personality... what will you get in life.

Here's a story about a girl I once knew.

She was different and very weird. Even though, she was still loved. She had a good number of friends and she always tried her best to make them like her. But there was this one thing she had that no other kid had in the school. She had freedom. Her mother didn't care where she went and her father was rarely at home yet she tried her best to keep her family secrets safe from everybody and every living thing.

Through the years, she grew and grew turning into the most different kind of teenager. She was still herself. She was still 'holy' and she had a heart full of kindness, helping everybody in difficult problems and decisions and the most important, she was being herself.

She then entered this different world. A different stage of her life. Two words that make a normal teenager cringe and the sound of it being spoken. High school. She met a bunch of new friends and learned the benefits of what she would get... if she became popular. She changed her look, her style, her clothes and of course, her personality. She gained fake friends and made her lose her true ones.

The true friends watched as she got worse, day by day. Useless makeup, strapless clothing and skyscraper heels. They watched as her plan to be popular failed. They warned her earlier but she didn't listen and now look what has it come to. She lost her fake friends who pushed her away because of her failure. She lost her true friends because she pushed them away when they were there for her. She lost her dignity and barely anyone didn't trust her anymore.

Now everyday she still manages to come to school and survive. She had to. She didn't have any backup plan for her future. She ignores the names they call her. She knows it's her fault it came to this. She couldn't blame them, could she? No. If she wasn't so hard-headed, she would've been better. But as we all know it, we can't go back in the past.

Lesson learned.

You see, it's not about being the same as others. It's being who you are that makes you real. It's what keeps you real. It's what keeps your whole life real. It gains you real friends that you could trust. It gains you your dignity that you deserve. Why would you waste your whole life being someone you're not? Someone you aren't meant to be? Don't you want to be a rare one? A special one? Have you ever seen a person who has down syndrome that tries to change themselves? No. They accept the fact that they are what they were born to be. They may be a bit different and outcast-ed, but they never seem to complain because to them, this world is happy place. 

Pursue your dreams and be yourself. We all have our own dreams and passions. Everybody wants to achieve it. Sure, we go through ups and downs in life and we sometimes fall. But that's just the journey through life. Fall down seven times, get up eight. So what if people say you can't achieve your dreams? People will judge you no matter where you go and no matter where you hide. They will always find you and judge you and you will have to face them. Why would you want to be somebody else anyway? Is it because you're not skinny enough? You're not pretty enough? Or are you just not rich as your friends are? Oh come on, don't lie. We have all wanted to be rich, skinny, and good looking, but face it nobody is perfect. Sure, there are people who look perfect but those are their looks. What about their personal lives? What if they look perfect but actually all they want is to have a normal life, without being called perfect? Plus, you can't blame yourself for wanting everything. Everybody wants a little bit of something. Always remember, don't ever have lack of confidence in yourself. If you are being yourself, you will always have a line of supporters supporting for you. Always. How am I so sure? Because God is with you and his line of angels cheering behind him. Don't fret, you'll be fine. Find your happiness, be yourself. 


Be what to you want to be. There's no one stopping you and I assure you, no one ever will. Remember, skills wins you medals, but your attitude is what wins the heart.

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