Never Regret something that Once made you Smile (sequel to From a Nightmare to a Dream)

This is the sequel to From a Nightmare to a Dream. I highly suggest you read that first so you understand why and what is happening.
The last book left off with Lisamarie and Brendon still together. Niall and Demi broke up, Lisamarie lives with Brendon now, and there are going to be some big changes and decisions Lisamarie will have to make. Could a package she receives one day change it all?
Where does Niall and the boys play into this? You'll have to read and find out.


1. So here I am, on one Knee with a Ring in my Hand

     I slipped on a black, silk, strapless dress. It had a thin purple sash around the waist that tied around the back. It fell mid thigh, and had a slit up the left thigh. My hair was curled and my bangs were pinned back. I had a black smokey eye for make up. I grabbed a black clutch and put in my phone, chap stick, and some gum inside. I also grabbed the small box that had Brendon's watch wrapped up in it. I checked the clock in the living room, it was a quarter to eight. Brendon was going to be here soon. I slipped on a pair of black pumps and put on more lotion and perfume. I heard my phone go off from inside my bag. It was a text from Brendon. It said, 'Hello love. Please go outside as soon as you can. Can't wait to see you! xx' I smiled. I shut the lights, and locked the door behind me. I stepped outside into the brisk air. In front of our house was a town car with a man standing outside. I walked closer to him.

"You must be Lisamarie." He said. He had kind eyes and light wrinkles, he looked like a sweet, gentle man.

"Yes, that's me. Did Brendon send you?" I asked.

"Mr. Pence did send me. I will be taking you to your destination tonight." He opened the door, "If you would like to get in we can be on our way."

I got into the car. "Thank you." I said as he shut the door. Once he got in and began to drive I asked "Where are we going? The windows are tinted, plus it's night time, I can't see anything."

"It's a surprise, sorry." He answered.

"No it's fine. Thanks anyway." I sat back.

     While we drove I began to look through my pictures on my phone. It was something I had been doing often. I looked through pictures of me and my mom, dad, brothers, Melanie, me with they boys. I still even had some pictures from when I dated Niall. Brendon didn't know, and if he did, he would not be happy. He made me throw out the picture Louis got me for my birthday. But he didn't know that I went back into the garbage one day when he wasn't home and I took them out, cleaned them, then hid them. They were still my friends, I just wish things could be different. After about a half an hour the car came to a stop, and my door opened. I stepped out and we were on a dock. At the end of it I saw Brendon at the end with a bouquet of red roses and a small box. I fast walked up to him and greeted him with a kiss.

"You look stunning my love."

"Thank you, and you look absolutely handsome Brendon."

"These are for you." He said holding out the flowers, I took them and smiled. "This is also for you." Giving me the small box. I opened it and it was a pair of diamond earrings.

"Brendon, are these real?" I asked shocked.

"Yes, of course. Only the best for you."

"Thank you so much!" I hugged him tightly and kissed him. "This is for you baby." I said handing him the box.

He opened it and smiled big, "This is wonderful, I love it!" He kissed me. "And I love you."

"I love you too." We were hand in hand.

"We are going to have dinner on the water."

"Awe, you're so romantic. One of the many many many things I love about you."

     We walked up a ramp and onto the boat. It was covered in lights and rose petals. There was a table set for two with candles on it. The whole scene was just amazing. We walked to the table and Brendon pulled the chair out for me and kissed me. I smiled at him. I really couldn't stop smiling. Soon salads and wine came out, and we began eating.

"Brendon this is all amazing, you really didn't need to do all of this."

"Of course I didn't but I wanted to. I just want this night to be perfect."

"It already is just being together. You're the best, I love you."

"I love you."

     Next, veal parmigiana with angel hair was brought out. It was delicious. We just talked about our memories so far together. I hoped there was more to come. We had a pictures taken of us all night, I couldn't wait to put a little book together after I get the pictures. He was really making this night very special and memorable. After dinner we even danced a little, it was cute to kind of slow dance with him. Eventually we were having desert, we shared a fudge brownie and vanilla ice cream and we had some champagne. This was also so delicious. We were finishing up when Brendon excused him self to go to the bathroom. I decided to get up and just lean against the railing on the boat. This night was defiantly something else. As I was taking everything in I felt arms wrap around my waist and lips on my neck. I turned around and there was Brendon.

"Baby, I can't thank you enough for tonight, this is all just so amazing I'm still just like grasping that this, and you are real."

"Lisamarie, I love you with all my heart. Even more than that, more than you can know." Brendon said getting down on one knee.

"Oh my god." I whispered.

"I couldn't imagine my life without you, I don't even want to try." Brendon pulled out a box from his pocket and opened it. Inside was a gorgeous ring. "Will you spend the rest of your life with me? Will you marry me?"

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