I waited for a girl like you

just want to warn all. I have very bad with spelling and all with English. because I'm Russian. hahaha just please do not swear. and I hope that someone will understand this :) xx


2. Chapter 2.


When we went out, we were shocked by the number of yellow taxi. And even at first sight, it was noticeable that Russia in this respect even hold a candle to no good.

We sat down in the first available taxi, called the address, and after a few seconds already driving. Rita got to talking to a taxi driver, and told him that we were from Russia, the driver perked up, and began to tell something about his beloved London. Denis pretended that listened, but he actually wrote something in your phone. And I sat and thought... of my mind I never got out of that fellow, especially his eyes. I may not remember exactly what he looked like, what was the hair or what he was dressed, but his eyes are imprinted in my memory to the smallest details. Large, kind eyes full of kindness, warmth and love, brown, long and very beautiful eyelashes. In his eyes you could see the smile.

God, Alina, what's wrong with you? What are you talking about? That is, what are you thinking of? I can confidently say that this I have never had. Well what can I say about this? Don't even know, because I understand perfectly, that it was an accident that we will never see each other again, and I was sure that he had me long forgotten.

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted, because the car stopped. Seems to have arrived, I looked out of the window. With Rita we got out of the car, while Dennis was paying. Taking luggage, we trudged to the entrance of the hotel. Inside, the lobby was quite nice, spacious and cozy. Everywhere there were flowers, fresh, near each of the wall stood a sofa and two armchairs, and in front of them were small glass coffee tables, at which, too, stood a vase with flowers. Smell of freshness.

- damn, it's so great, - pushed me Rita, - see, there's so pretty administrator, - she smiled and looked at Dan, and then at me.

To this I just smiled and grabbed her by the hand and headed to the front of the administration.

- Hello, - smiling guy, - my name is Josh, can I help?

- Hi, we had two rooms booked, - Denis looked at Josh from head to foot. - The last name the Volkov.

- yeah, your keys here, - a dazzling smile guy and handed her the key, - this is a room with two beds, - the second key he held out my brother, - this with one single bed, - said Josh.

Then I noticed that Rita burst out in laughter, I looked at her and could hardly contain herself. Josh looked at us, and he didn't understand anything...

-Thanks for the help, - I said, and took the hand of Rita, dragged her to the elevator. Denis with suitcases followed us.

Our rooms were on the contrary, on the 8th floor. by clicking on the desired floor, I looked up at my brother and asked:

- Why are you so gloomy?

- i'm ok, I just don't like that we're in London half an hour from the power, you've already been busy flirting...

- what? - I was just in shock from his words and Rita began quietly laugh.

- well, first the guy at the airport, now this administrator….

- haha sorry daddy. Firstly, with the guy I'm not flirted, he just pushed me accidentally... - I started to get angry.

- yeah, I saw the way you looked at each other, at least, on the part of looked as if you already are in love with each other and were about to spring upon, at each other, at least, he had such a desire, exactly. I'm still surprised that it had not began to stick to you, - I didn't understand what he wanted to say all this, and I don't see anything wrong with the boy, and that my brother almost plain language forbids me to flirt with anyone here, I was really shocked it all .

- What are you talking about? Dennis, what is it? We are with you almost never quarrel, and then on you, please, we are in London even hours not spent, - with bitterness I said. Rita was silent, apparently did not want us to interrupt, she pretended that listening to music.

- that's it, that even an hour has not yet been passed, - he whispered and looked at me, - okay, forgive me, I guess it was all in vain blurted out, let's forget, - he hugged my shoulders, - just be careful.

- I promise, - I looked at him and smiled. then the elevator doors opened and we were on our floor.

- so, it seems, is our number with you, - looked at me Rita and started to open it, - oh god, here just chic,  - we had no words. While we are all examined, Denis settled in his room.

- Look, - I called Rita on the balcony.  the balcony was covered, here was a table and two chairs, and the view out on the green Park, at twilight, he looked very cute. - We will need tomorrow afternoon necessarily there for a walk, though, we can today, but I'm afraid we have nothing interesting there will not see..

- no, let's today, I'm not going to sleep now, if we don't visit it, it will be so romantic, - she laughed.

-  Oh yes, baby, we've still only wasn't romance. I laughed, and then I visited the idea that perhaps she was not joking, and had in mind Denis, she smiled sheepishly, and pulled me to him in the room.

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