I waited for a girl like you

just want to warn all. I have very bad with spelling and all with English. because I'm Russian. hahaha just please do not swear. and I hope that someone will understand this :) xx


1. Chapter 1.


- I still can't believe that all this happened with us, - told me Rita.

I myself couldn't believe what is happening with us now. My friend and I were sitting on the plane. After a few minutes we have to land in London. God, this is the city of our dreams.

First, a little about us. My name is Alina, my friend - Margarita but she doesn't like her full name, so everyone calls her just Rita. Us 17 years.

My friend was of medium height, 169 cm. She had long, beautiful brown hair with straight bangs, it was her very well. Large gray-green eyes and a charming smile. The clothes favored more dresses, skirts and little T-shirt, jeans it was rare to see. Well, as for me, I was slightly below Rita, namely by 1 cm, that is my height 168 cm... I too had long beautiful hair, dark blond color. As the others said  I had beautiful eyes, but I myself they did not find anything beautiful, but I am very like the color blue-gray.   Beautiful, plump lips, and when I smiled, I had the dimples... all this in combination with a nice figure, looked very even nothing. I often wore jeans, t-shirts and balerinas, I love shorts different styles of it. it was my style. but also I liked to wear high heel shoes. Dress rarely, but as the saying goes, the aptly.

We are from Russia, and for almost two years, I dream to get to England. And now for a year, we have accumulated the required amount to pay for travel and accommodation in a hotel, while we still have quite a lot of money on the rest of our needs and entertainment. we drove for almost a month. from July 22 to 28 August. We were insanely pleased. But as the us wasn’t yet 18 years old, with us drove to my brother Denis. He is 19 years old. A very handsome young man. Muscles, press the cubes, and with a bewitching smile. it all he had. In general, the dream of every girl. We have always had a common language, almost never fought and never fought. I trusted him completely. I told him absolutely everything, and share all the feelings and secrets, he in turn was always listened to me and helped. By the way, Rita, in my opinion, was in him secretly in love. of course, she didn't say me that, but as I learned it a long time ago, I just involuntarily begin to roughly understand what she was thinking about, when looking at something or someone.

The plans for today we have to start to settle in a hotel, and later went for a walk in the evening to London, as we arrive on at 8 o'clock in the evening.

- after 10 minutes we'll be landing in London, -  the pilot's voice.

- Alina, you all right? - I squeezed his brother's hand, apparently very much. - you're scared? - I just nodded my head, as if a lump in my throat stuck... in fact, I am very afraid of heights, and the entire flight, especially, the takeoff and landing, were given to me with great difficulty, - sillybaby, we're landing, all right, - smiled Denis.

I believed, I always believed him... well, finally, that were issued by the chassis, and I felt that we touched the ground. Oh, yeahh, it's a great feeling, to feel under your feet, or, in this case under the plane land. I felt very confident. I waited till the full stoppage of aircraft and then jumped to her feet. Rita began quietly laughing, noticing my little panic. I in turn pushed her elbow and smiled. We went to the door of the plane.

After we took our Luggage, we went to look for a way out. And in about 15-20 metres from the exit, I feel, that me someone pushed. This was a guy who looked about 17-19, dark-haired, good-looking and with a big smile and incredible eyes...

- sorry, baby, - smiling guy, and walked rapidly in the direction of delivery of luggage. I did not have time to say something, because in a moment he was not already on my horizon. I stood still and stared at one point, where the stranger disappeared. Suddenly I had someone pulled the hand, it was Denis. He questioningly looked at me and said:

- idiot! you do not hurt yourself?

- no, all is well...

- and this moron even very beautiful, - laughed Rita.

- okay girls, let's go look for a taxi, - grabbed Den arm Rita, dragging for themselves bags. Haha I thought she right there will melt away from these thoughts, I was insanely funny.

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