Shattering Free

This is a random poem that probably doesn't make any sense but it just came to me so I thought I'd share it! Sort of about love and undecided feelings etc


1. Shattering Free

I want to be near you

I wanted to stay

But instinct is telling me I need to walk away


Shutting the Iron Gate with a thud

Like shutting the doors of heaven

Never returning

Even if my heart is yearning


I can feel your eyes on the back of my head

Zapping holes into my brain

Making me go insane 

From the breaking of love to pain


The wind whips my hair around my face 

Showing the redness around my eyes with a trace

Walking quick to find a haven

All because I was trying to save him


The monster inside will now be locked away: forever

The key swallowed underneath the depths of guilt

However much I wanted to run back

I told myself "I have to be strong"

But I was weak from the start

Plastering on my concealment make-up


Turning back to have one last look

Catching his eyes with hopeless hopes

Wishing there was another way

To stay near you, out of the grey


Rambling hastily to wipe memories from my mind

Trying to keep focused on the pathway, feeling blind

But then... footsteps can be heard through the dead silence

Like someone walking the plank

Jumping down into the sea to suffocate emotions


A hand, touching my shoulder

I turned knowing the familiar face I would find

He had a determine expression, one that looked inclined

I tried to pull away but he started to say

"That demon you thinks' inside you

Bubbling in a brew

Holding you back from decisions

Making you have fatal collisions

But all of that isn't true

You're in there, trying to get through"


I signed, feeling relieved that someone understood

The mask I was hiding behind was removed

Sensing that courage had just been proved

He held my hand, comforting me

Telling me he was there

"To set me free"


Aware of weights being lifted

We cross thee road; never drifted

Realising what could have disappeared

Made me grateful it had cleared

Finally I felt right with where I was

Being loved, being honest and being guided

Lastly I has decided

I wanted to be near you

Forever more...



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