Im crystal, and I'm19. My best friend is niall horan. He is in one direction an is the same age.  You know... The famous boy band with many fans... Woops sorry "directioners". Well anyway. He's my best friend and has been since we were 3. It's been hard because for the first 3 years of our friendship Niall had to learn to communicate with me. I don't talk and I never have. Not one word. I'm a mute. And there's other things that make my life difficult. I'm dislexic. That makes it really hard to learn and I can't write or read many things. Everything gets to much sometimes for me. I'm very emotional. Niall helps me with that. He makes me feel safe... I think i like him.


2. Fun day!

Crystals p.o.v

In the morning I made the boys breakfast well more like lunch. they had a day off to recover from last night so I wanted to do something with them since they never ever get to do anything fun. 

When they were all ready I dragged them out the house without them knowing where we were going. I drove a few blocks before the boys wanted to know where we were going. I just smiled evilly into the mirror and kept driving. Just to make them nervous. But really there was nothing to be nervous about. 

There was a long line of cars out the front of the Roller rink. We had to park a block away. 'roller skating?' zayn asks.  I nod. 'just like ice skating but with wheels' Niall says. 'crystal and I used to do ice skating all the time before she started figure skating' he adds. He remembers going ice skating? We were like five years old. 

we got skates And went in. We sat down on the benches and tied up the laces. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I stood up on my skates and looked at the text. 

Niall's p.o.v

Crystal jumped up on her skates and tea the text. Her eyes widened and then she smiled uncontrollably. Who texted her? She showed me the text. 

From Connor: hey love, I was wondering if u wanted to go on a date with me tomorrow

No! Say no! She types back in her phone. 'are you going?' I ask her. She looks back up from her phone and nods. B b b but... No. You can't! Please! I'm begging you! 

Crystals pov

We started skating and Louis thought it would be cool to get as many people to look at him as possible while he was acting completely weird. I watched Him do anything possible to achieve that. It was really funny. 'love!' Niall shouts and takes my hand. We start skating together. 'so what did you say to Connor?' he asks nervously. Why does he act different when he brings up Conner and me? I look to him and nod. 

I was really excited to meet up with Connor, but I wish that it was Niall who asked me on a date. I know he will never ever want to go out with me though. It's too awkward. What if I become his girlfriend and then we break up. I would be lonely again. Niall is all I have. Really he is. I don't have any parents... They gave me up for adoption and I never got adopted, so when I was eighteen I had to leave the orphanage. That was back in Ireland. The head of the orphanage allowed us to go out for two hours each day. When I was three I had to stick with a group of other kids. There was a boy all alone playing in the sandpit so I walked over to him and started playing with him. That boy was Niall. I didn't always have a crush on him... We were only friends back then... We will probably always be friends. That will never change. When Niall left for x factor I was alone again and I was picked on for having the disabilities I have. It was torture. Christmas came and I sat all alone in the bedroom I ha to share with 15 other kids. 'crystal come out and open your presents' a lady said to me. I shake my head and she leaves. I flop down on my bed thinking about going out right now. Get away from everyone. I hadn't talked to Niall for a while. I got up and looked in the mirror. I still had my pajamas on. They were blue and pale pink striped trousers, with the elastic rolled down and a white spaghetti strapped shirt that came just above my belly button. Someone came in the door and I thought it was just some kid again ready to make my life even more miserable. Someone's arms snaked around my bare skin and picked me up. When the person set me down I turned around. It was niall! Well we hugged tight And he kissed me. Just a peck on the lips but I loved it.  By that point I ha had a crush on him for 6 years. 

I always remember that. 'hey everyone!!! Look it's Niall horan and supposedly his new girlfriend!' Louis shouted. He was waiting for everyone to start screaming and mobbing us two. Nothing. Niall chuckles. 'yeah Lou! I don't think any of these guys like us!' we skate over to the rest of the boys. 

'excuse me are you really Niall's girlfriend?' two girls come up to us and are gripping each others arms tightly. I look to Niall. 'um no she isn't... Shes just one of my really good friends' Niall answers. 'oh...well it just looks like you are because your always holding hands and Niall always kisses your cheek...' one of the girls say. They were about to fangirl I know it... Seen it many times. 'Na we've known each other since we were three thats all' Niall replies. 'well anyways can you please sign this?!' the same girl asks. 'yeah sure' Niall signs the girls paper and so do the other boys. 'can you please sign this too?!' she asks. I nod and sign the paper. 'what's your names?' Niall asks. 'I'm Sarah' the girl with blonde wavy hair says. 'and this is Elise' Elise hasn't spoken yet. She looks up to me and gives me a look to ask if I was mute. I nod and give her the same look. She nods shyly. I let go of Niall's hand and hug her. 'how are you girls doing?' Liam asks Elise. 'um Elise doesn't Speak' Sarah explains. Niall looks at me and I nod. 'we better go! Bye!' Sarah says. 'bye!' the boys say. 

'we gotta go too, it's 2:00' Zayn says. They closed in ten minutes. 

The day wasn't over yet. Louis drove back home and I got everyone to get dressed into their trunks. I put on my pale pink bikini and some denim shorts. 'love?' Niall asks coming in my room. I turn to face him. 'umh... Uh...' I roll my eyes and take his hand. What is he going to tell me? 'uh never mind. Let's go!' something's up with him. What is it? 

We walked out the door and across the road onto the sand thats how close I lives to the beach. 

Niall's p.o.v

I was gonna tell her. Then me being me... I chickened out. One day... One day I will tell her. I promise! 

I watched her set down her towel. Ok now I just sound like a pedophile... 'mate! Ask her!' Harry nudges me. 'I can't...she's going on a date with Connor tomorrow' I look down at my hands. 'dude! She's not getting married! You can still win! How do you know she even likes him in that way?' I shrug. 'I'm not you Harry. She's going on a date with Connor and I can't change that... Besides I know if Connor asks her to be his girlfriend she'll say yes... She loves him' I look up and crystal is standing in front of us. Did she just hear us? She takes my arm and pulls me up. 

Crystals p.o.v

Niall was talking to harry. I heard Harry say she... Does Niall like another girl?  My heart dropped. I start running to the water holding Niall's hand. I let go of his hand when the waves crash against my legs. I run in and dive under. 

Niall's p.o.v

I dive in after her. I take her hand and pull her close to me. Maybe Harry's right... It's not like Shes getting married. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her close to me. She had a look of being confused on her face until I started leaning in. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arm around my neck. 

Crystal pulled away and went back up. I pushed up too. 'what's up?' I ask. She shrugs. I knew it... She doesn't like me. She only thinks of me as a friend. I'm such an idiot! 'I'm sorry crystal' I say. She shakes her head and wraps her arms back around my neck. I leant in again. 'yo Niall!' ugh! They know how much this means to me! I look over to the boys. 'what!?' I whine. 'we have to go!' Liam says. Really. Right at this moment. 'bye crystal' I say. She kisses my cheek and I walk out of the water.

Crystals p.o.v

I almost kissed him. I stayed in the water for a while longer. Then went back to my house took a shower and slept.
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