Im crystal, and I'm19. My best friend is niall horan. He is in one direction an is the same age.  You know... The famous boy band with many fans... Woops sorry "directioners". Well anyway. He's my best friend and has been since we were 3. It's been hard because for the first 3 years of our friendship Niall had to learn to communicate with me. I don't talk and I never have. Not one word. I'm a mute. And there's other things that make my life difficult. I'm dislexic. That makes it really hard to learn and I can't write or read many things. Everything gets to much sometimes for me. I'm very emotional. Niall helps me with that. He makes me feel safe... I think i like him.


1. Connor Maynard

Crystals p.o.v

I was really excited to see Niall again. He was coming over in an hour so I had just enough time to get ready. 

Being a mute is hard because everyone has to learn to communicate with me somehow different. When I was seven I was diagnosed with dislexia which means I have trouble learning. I was bullied for being dumb and never talking but at least I wasn't the guy who took a shit in front of the class in a bin, and wiped his ass with the practice test.  

Anyways... Niall was coming over soon so I took a shower and washed my hair with my normal shampoo. I got out and wrapped a towel around my body. I stare in the mirror for a few moments and brush my teeth. My phone buzzes in the other room do I walk out and look at the text. 

From niall: Ill be there in a couple minutes...

Oh shit! I run to my wardrobe and pull out pale pink jeans and a white off the shoulder knitted shirt. I had my birthday four weeks ago and Niall got me some shoes. They were exactly like the ones he wears all the time. I pull the black shoes on and pull my hair into a ponytail with a pink ribbon in it. 

I run quickly into the bathroom again and put mascara on. 'love!' Niall calls through the apartment. He had a key so he could always get in. He opens the bedroom door and walks in. 'hey love' he says. I run up to him and hug him tightly. 'nice shoes!' he says looking down at my feet. I don't say anything. We walk to the couch and sit down. 'look what I brought!' he pulls a packet of cards out of his back pocket. I smile. We always played cards together since we were kids. It was just one of the many dorky things we did together. 

Niall's pov

It was raining outside and I was hoping it wouldn't get too loud. Crystal gets scared really easily by loud noises. 'snap!' I say and press my hand down on the card pile. I look up to her eyes and she pokes her tongue out at me and smiles. I do the same.

A round of thunder claps and crystal jumps into my arms. I hug her tightly and she buries her head in my chest. 'love it's alright it's just thunder!' I reassure her. When I calm her down she sits back and blushes.  I dot know why she's scared of loud noises. It's just another thing about her I love... What the hell did I just say?

Crystal was A really pretty girl and she was really confident. 'crystal' I say and lean over to her eyes. I wipe my thumbs over them to get the makeup off. 'love, I'm going to take your makeup for a whole week!' I say and start running to her bedroom. I heard her fast footsteps behind me. 

I pick up her makeup bag and run outside with it. I set it in my car and turn back around crossing my arms. 

Crystals p.o.v

He cannot take my makeup! I press my arms against his chest and touch my forehead against his. 'I'll see you later tonight love alright?' I nod. 'bye' he says and kisses my cheek. I wave goodbye to him and run back inside.

 I want to learn to talk. Everyone else does it. It can't be that hard. I open my mouth and a squeak comes out. That's embarrassing. I'm not trying that again.

 Tonight the boys were going to the EMA's and Niall Wanted me to come. I agreed. You never know. I might meet Connor Maynard. I absolutely love him! 

I sat on the couch and watched tv. 'Niall horan from one direction appears to have A girlfriend, the famous heartthrob was spotted leaving a girls house just a few minutes ago. Is this Niall's princess?' 

When Niall became famous he didn't want anyone to know about me. He said it would be really hard with all the hate I would get and doubling that with my disability. I agreed with him. So none of the fans know about me. But I am most definitely not Niall's girlfriend... Or his princess. If I could talk I would go all ape shit on them. 

I must've fell asleep because i opened my eyes and piked up my phone. Ugh! 4:00... My eyes widen. 4:00! Crap! I jump off the couch ad run into my bedroom. I was meant to start getting ready an hour ago! Im always late! I pull out the dress i was going to wear. 

The dress was dark blue with a silver skinny belt and  black heels. I checked the clock again. 4:40 Go go go! I run into the bathroom and curl my hair to make it wavy. I had my phone resting on the sink and it vibrated. 

Niall:hey love, b there soon... No makeup!

That's what he thinks. I reach under the sink cupboards and pull out my backup makeup. I make a light smokey eye and do other makeup. I spread some lip gloss over the light pink lipstick and press my lips together. 'love!' Niall's voice rings through the apartment. I quickly hide my makeup and walk out of the room taking a quick look in the mirror. Niall walks in the room and freezes when he sees me. 'you look really beautiful crystal!' he says and walks over to me with his hands in his pockets. I smile at him and lean over and kiss his cheek. When I pull back I look at his cheeks and they're rosy red. '...are you ready to go?!' Niall asks. I nod and take my purse off the bed. 

We sit in the limo. Niall on my left and Liam on my right. 'hi crystal!' the boys say. I smile at them meaning hello. 'crystal? You have makeup on' Niall says looking at my cheeks. I shrug one shoulder. 'but I took your makeup!' I shake my head. 

We get on a main road and the speed increases to the legal speed. I look out the window and see cars passing us by.

Niall's p.o.v

 We drove under a bridge and came out and the car next to us stopped suddenly leaving a loud screech. Crystal wrapped her arms around me and pressed her head against my chest. 'don't worry' I whisper and kiss the top of her head. 'crystal your alright... Your safe' Zayn reassures. I keep my arms wrapped tightly around her waist. Her breathing gets heavier and I look down to her head resting still on my chest. A tear slipped down her cheek. 'love, don't cry.' I say an wipe away the tear. 'I'm so scared' she whispers. 'you don't have to be crystal. I'm here... The boys are too. Nothing can hurt you' 

Crystals p.o.v

The image of what happened played over and over in my head. 'I'm so scared' I whisper. A tear slipped down my cheek. I tried to forget it! I had forgot it! Every time a loud noise happens I remember. It's torture. 'you don't have to be crystal. I'm here... The boys are too. Nothing can hurt you' I calm down and sit up again. Niall's arm was still around me and he kisses my head. 

The car stops and someone opens the door. 'walk straight down the carpet an stop on the marked spots for photos.' he says. We get out the limo and immediately the screams multiply. I was a little scared at the noise but it was pushed away because I knew I was safe in Niall's arms and I was pretty excited because I saw Connor Maynard further down the carpet. 

'you alright love?' Niall asks. I nod. 'Niall!' the girls scream. He looks at me and I push him over. I watch them sign some things and get pictures then Paul pushes them down the carpet. Niall takes my hand. 

Niall's p.o.v

We got three awards an we're In the after party. 'boys how are you?' Connor Maynard was standing there in front of us. Biiiig moment for crystal. She gripped my hand tighter. 'good mate. Connor this is crystal... She's probably your biggest fan' she nudges me. 'what!' I laugh. 'nice to meet you crystal... Are you Niall's girlfriend?' I wish she was. But she isn't because I don't know how to. Swa so different from everyone else I've dated! She's just well ... My princess. I look to her and she shakes her head. Soon. Soon that answers gonna change. 'I've heard so much about you... Like every conversation Niall brings you up' Connor says.

Crystals pov

Sure he does. 'mate! She doesn't need to know that!' Niall hisses at him.  The boys snicker to my side. 'it's true! Every.single.conversation!' the boys whine. Niall is blushing and do am I. 'not every conversation!' Niall defends. 'yes it is! Like last month we were talking about the album and then you say, what do you think crystal would say if I-' Niall covers Louis mouth. 'I said nothing!' Niall says harshly looking at Louis I look confusedly at Niall. Connor chuckles. Ahhhh! So hot! But what did he say? It must be really big. 

Nialls pov

That was so close! Im gonna kill the boys later. 'I better go see everyone else. Maybe we could catch up sometime?' Connor asks. I look shockingly at him. Then to crystal. She nods. I think my heart dropped right then. Niall mate. You were too late. Connor doesn't know I like her. So it's not his fault. I was begging in my mind for her to say no. I look at Connor then back to crystal quickly and she nods her head. They exchange numbers and I watch with my heart crushed into millions of pieces. She smiles at Connor and he kisses her cheek then walks off. Connor! She's mine! lay off! You should know that! 

Crystals p.o.v

I have Connor Maynard's phone number!!!aghhh! Niall was acting really weird the rest of the night. The boys were staying at my house for tonight since it was like one am. 'Niall you alright mate?' Liam asks. 'yeah. I'm fine' he spreads a blanket on the couch. They had to stay on the couch and on the floor in the lounge room. He was about to lay down but I take his hand and pull him into my room. 

We sit at the end of my bed. I look at him to say I know something's up. 'nothing! I swear! Everything's fine!' I keep the same look on my face. 'I swear on the bands reputation I am ok!' I roll my eyes and get my pajamas from my drawers. I quickly get changed. I always did. It didn't bother me if Niall was still in the room. He never looked so. I got under the covers  and Niall wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed my cheek and when he pulled away he whispered I my ear, 'I'm sorry' for what? I turn over and look in his eyes. I wanted to kiss him. I don't know why?  'goodnight' he says getting out of the bed. I take his arm. I don't know why I just did that. 

Niall's p.o.v

She took my arm and stuck her bottom lip out. I layed back down next to her and wrapped my arms around her waist again. I liked it like this. 'so are u going to call Connor?' I ask nervously. She shrugs. I could see her falling asleep.

Crystals pov

I was almost asleep and i heard niall whisper 'goodnight princess' princess? No no no I'm just hearing things. He couldn't have just called me princess? he only calls the girl he is sure is the right girl, princess... It can't be me? I know I like him but he can't like me! Im me!
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