Arianna, Julianna, Ayesha are sisters, they lost their father, mother, the rest of their civilazation and they have no where to call home anymore. With all the pain they have been through, they can no longer bear it anymore. They all agree to jump of a clift but, these boys save them and convince them not to. When things start to seem better for the sisters, things only get worse with other wars breaking out around them. How will they ever survive all of this?


1. The Beginning: Escape



"Hurry, up you whores," One of the hunter's said. Hunter's are a group of magical beings with powers, their goals are to make bloodshed, slowly taking out all of the mystical creatures, one by one. We could of beat them, if our leader didn't surrender, that bastered. At this point I didn't care weather I lived or died, I had nothing left for me. My dad is dead, he was ambushed in the battle. My mom was captured along with my sisters, Ayesha and Julianna, except they killed her. Right in front of us. They kicked her, used spells on her to make her feel things that weren't there. They eventually raped her, cut her open, making her bleed out slowly, to make her death slow and painful, and to get the picture in our heads, what will eventally happen to us. They destroyed the only things that mattered the most to us, they will pay. I don't know how or when, maybe not by the hands of me, but they will pay.

We are trolls, we protect the Earth and use it's power to keep everything here living.

I hear someone weeping, I craned my cramped neck, to see my youngest sister, Ayesha, crying.

"A, It's ok, I promise you'll be ok," Even if I won't, I secretly added. She was only 15, had glossy, dirty blonde hair, probably the lightest hair a troll could have, tainted green skin- it gets like that when you're around other trolls-, sky, blue eyes and thin, trembling lips. She looked like her sister Julianna, except, Julianna had darker, brown hair and royal, blue eyes. Her clothes that she had on were all torn with holes and slits running through the length of it.

"Uhhh-," I kept in my cry of despair, but couldn't help a gasp coming out, from my dry, cracked, full lips. My vision started to waver.

"I said, SHUT UP, YOU PEICE OF TRASH!" The muscular hunter yelled at me. He retracked his whip, one that is specially designed to hurt trolls, probably some little magic trick they do to kill every troll that never did a thing to harm them, including all the other unnatural things living on Earth.

I grinned, a big, sloppy, goofy grin." You think your so big and tough, with all those toys of your's, but I bet you're not really that tough without your playing toys," I don't know why I said it, maybe because it hot, I've had no food in awhile and I'm hallucanating, but he turned around, really angry, rage showing all over is ugly features. That somehow made my grin get even bigger, if that was possible, I did it, I made him angry. He grabbed a fist full of my black, curly, ringets of sleek hair, held a tight grasp on it, pulled me up and threw me against a cedar tree, bashing my head,hard against it. My vision blacked out, it came back, but everything was still hazy, unclear. I could hear both Ayesha and Julianna yelling and sobbing, to them, to stop them from hurting me.

"STOP," shouted the leader, he had a small nose, large ears, had long, gross, unwashed hair. The hunter that was poised to hit me stopped, mid swing. "Were're wasting time," The leader said.

"But, she-"

"I don't want to hear anything from you, Hunter Conrad." The leader commanded,"Trace, will be taking your place." Conrad stalked off, obviously angered. The new hunter, Trace, picked up the ropes, binding me together and tugged me forward.


We walked for many hours after I had been trashed against the tree. As every hour goes on, my blinding pain in my head gets worse, now, it's almost unbearable. I tripped and fell over my own feet. I've fell down before, but I didn't have the will to get back up again, not this time.

"GET UP, NOW," Shouted Trace.

"I Can't, m-" I ran out of breath trying to talk, my head started pounding harder, vision going blacker, more blurred.

"Ari, get up please," Julianna pleaded

"Get back," Barked Trace. He grabbed Julianna by her neck and threw her to the ground. He was starting to grab for A.

"DON'T YOU DARE LAY YOUR BIG, FILTHY HANDS ON THEM,"I yelled. I stood up slowly, almost falling over, unsteadily I walked/dragged myself over to stand in front of A.

"What are you going to do about that, sweetheart," He said in his cold, chilling, deep voice.

"This," I put my hand on his chest, right over his heart, with all my strong-will, I pulled enough strength to use teleknenisis, to send him flying backward, along with me falling onto the ground, falling quickly into a deep, black sleep.




I awoke to the sound of the wind blowing lightly, making the tree's leaves shake and make crinkling noises, and to the soft whimpers of crying.

"A? Julianna?" I whispered.

"Ari, you're alive? How- they said you had no pulse, they only kept you to torture us,"Julianna replied quietly.

"Oh Ari, I'm so glad you're alive? We need to get out of here," A replied.

"I know bu-"

"No talking-, well, well, well, looks like Sleeping Beauty woke up, right in time to see your poor, unfornuate sister get punished for your actions," Conrad said discretly.

"Don't you-,"

Conrad walks over to me, puts his hand on my mouth and starts brushing away my salty tears, while stoking my hair.

"Awww, look who's getting emotional, that's so sweet, I am going to make sure when the time comes, I'll be the one to make your dear sister's cry out in agony, while you watch them die, very, very slowly." He said with a meancing smile.

He starts grabbing for his gear and who knows what weapons, throws me right next to Julianna, right in front of A, who was crying silently, trying to be strong, but still showing fear in her eyes.

"Please, leave her alone, take it out on me, but leave her alone, I'm the one who said all those things to you, or did you forget?" I asked. He glared at me, rage starting to boil, it was working he wasn't going to torture A, but then he got this look in his eyes, saying something I didn't want to happen.

"No I remember, but this will be your pay back." He said with an evil glint in his eyes, staring down at me into my chocalate, brown eyes.

He bent real low in front of A, and muttered something to her, that I couldn't hear. He looked down at his belt, trying to unhook something from it. I was waiting silently, but struggling against the ropes the bound me together, not wanting to witness what he might do to A.

A, took that moment of distraction from the hunter, hit him upside the head with a branch she found near by in the isolated forest opening, and knocked the wind out of him.

She looked at me with fear and triumphant in her eyes and showing on her face.

"Come on, we got to go, it's only a matter of time before he wakes up and tells everyone." Julianna hissed fiercely.

We grabbed his knife from his belt, sliced off the ropes, and ran like the wind. We didn't stop or slow down until we knew we twisted our path to make it harder to track us, and a safe distance away. We found a nice opening to stay in, huddled together and fell in a deep, compelling sleep.




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