Man on the train.

A 17 year old girl is about to start her 2nd year of college. Meeting a man on the train who she instantly connects with, but it is more complicated then they would have thought. Is their attraction strong enough to survive anything?


5. Chapter 5

That morning I got to the train station by 8.10, I gave myself enough time to buy myself a ticket, and wait for the train. I saw the train approach, then I suddenly thought which carriage? Both times we have sat at the end carriage so maybe I should get on that one.

The train pulled up to the station and I walked up to the last carriage and saw Ben sitting by a window. I walked over to him and sat opposite him "Hey". He smiled "I was about to wonder whether you worked out what I meant" He laughed.

"Not going to lie, it did take me a while" I laughed. I looked into his eyes, they were crystal blue with a green tint.

"Lets try and not be late today?" he said to me with doubt in his voice. "Least we don't have the same lesson first just incase". "Thats true" he seemed dissapointed yet relieved.

"What lesson do you have first?" I looked at my timetable "Er, chemistry" "You like it?" "No" I laughed, I am crap at it! "English is the only lesson I have ever liked, which is why I took Lit and Language" He nodded "That's what I took at College, ain't got no time for science or maths" We both laughed.

"Do you fancy getting a coffee at lunch?" butterflys formed in my stomach, I pretended to think about the answer so I didn't seem too desperate "Sure" I smiled. "Now the important question is Starbucks or Costa" "Costa!" He stared at me "You are the only person I have got to know that prefers Costa" He laughed. "Starbucks is overated". He nodded in agreement.

We arrived to the station, and we went our different ways, "See you at lunch" he smiled at me. I waved at him, I went to meet my friend Connor, "Sup con" he turned and faced me smiling widley "Shannon!" he hugged me tightly.

"I felt like we havent spoken in ages" he pulled a sad face.

"I know, been busy over the summer" I then started to think about my summer, it was one of the best times of my life, I went on holiday with my cousin and we went clubbing almost every night. I've never really been into alcohol, but that opened up my eyes to it. "Fair do's, we need to catch up, lunch?" "Can't today, tomorrow?" I felt bad cancelling on him, but I wanted to see Ben. "Sure thing".

I looked at my phone "Right con, i've got to go class see you later" I hugged him and went.

Ben's POV
I went to lesson and gave my class their assignments, they moaned at me but I ignored them. It annoyed me that they didn't really respect me, I know I wasn't much older than some of them but that's not my problem. "If you need any help, ask me, if not please be quiet".

They started to get on with their work, while I sat and started to think. Was it really a good idea asking Shannon to get a coffee? If we go to the one not in the college then people won't know or say anything. It seems like we are sneaking around, which makes it seem like we're doing something wrong but I know we're not. Maybe we should go to the College one, if anyone saw us it would look like we're going over work?

Chemisty was a bore, I had a 2 hour lesson. The time went by slowly but the end of the lesson finally came and I began to smile to myself. I wasn't sure if I was meeting ben in costa or what? I walked out of my class, and walked to Ben's class, maybe I was meeting him in there. I got there and saw his class strolling out the classroom, I peeped my head through the door and saw him. He looked at me "I'll be with you in one sec".

I waited in the hallway until he came out. 5 minutes later he came out "Lets go" We didn't go to the Costa in the College as that would have been too awkward so we went to the one down the road.


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